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North America is the third largest continent in area and the fourth largest in population. It is bounded by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Caribbean Sea to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

North America occupies the northern part of the land mass that is usually referred to as the "new world" - the western hemisphere. North America's only land connection is to South America.

Almost all of the Earth's climate zones are represented in North America. Arctic climate covers a large area from Alaska to Labrador. Where's the Tundra, and the ice on Hudson Bay is well into summer. South of this there is a band across North America with forests and temperate climate, including largely around the Great Lakes. Further south we can find anything that you could call steppeklimaer, like many others would call prairies.

We have desert climate in the Rocky Mountain Highlands, monsoon-like climate with summer rainfall and drier periods during the winter northwest Gulf of Mexico, subbtropisk climate of southern Mexico and Florida area as well as a mild Mediterranean climate with summer drought and winter rain in California. In Central America and West India's tropical climate. In the interior of North America is very hot in summer and winter tough. Cold air from the Arctic in the north have free run southward the vast plains all the way to Mexico. Temperature shifts to much stronger than in Europe.

Temperature Jumping over 30 degrees in the course of a day is not uncommon. Along the Pacific coast to the northwest is the 'distinctive coastal climate similar to that on the west coast, but with even greater precipitation. Otherwise meridian 100 degrees west a distinction between the wetter eastern territories from 700 to 18 000 millimeters annually, and drier areas west, much less than 250 millimeters.
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