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Kyoto is a city located in the central part of the island of Honshu, Japan. Kyoto is located in a valley, part of the Yamashiro or Kyoto Basin, in the eastern part of the mountainous region known as the Tamba highlands.

Kyoto is regarded as Japan's unofficial cultural capital when 60% of Japan's cultural heritage located in this area. Kyoto with its 1600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines, and palaces, gardens and architecture intact, this is one of the best preserved cities in Japan.

There are a number of rivers, canals and other navigable waterways in Kyoto. The Seta and Uji rivers, Kamogawa and Katsura flow river through Kyoto. The city is known for its abundance of delicious Japanese cuisine.

Other sights and attractions in Kyoto is Japan's wooden temple Kiyomizu-dera, Kinkaku-ji, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion, Ginkaku-ji, the Temple of the Silver Pavilion, Ryōan-ji famous for rock garden, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Sento Imperial Palace, Katsura Imperial Villa is one of the nation's finest architectural treasures, and Shugaku-in Imperial Villa which has one of the finest Japanese gardens and the city over thirty different museums to name a few things.

Kyoto is also known for its traditional festivals that have been held for over 1,000 years, as Aoi Matsuri, Gion Matsuri, Bon Festival, Jidai Matsuri, and Festival of the Ages.

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