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The city is one of the larger cities in terms of extent. Melbourne is an important city of the Australian industry and finance, one third of the largest foreign companies in Australia is headquartered here. Melbourne is also Australia's largest port. Australia has a tradition of producing automobiles, and in the district of Port Melbourne is Holden's engine plant. GM also has a larger factory in Dandenong where they produce trucks.

The climate in Melbourne is mild, but the city is known for changing weather, and it is said that Melbourne has four seasons in one day. There are seasons of the State of Victoria and Melbourne. The seasons are the opposite of Norway. Winter in Melbourne is from June to September, and temperatures are usually between 5 and 15 degrees. It can also be hotter, but rarely colder. Nobody has winter tires on cars in Melbourne but commuters from inland could experience frost and icy roads. Summer temperatures are normally between 20 and 30 degrees. At times, temperatures will be around 40 degrees.

Melbourne is considered by many to be Australia's cultural capital, with a bustling film, art and design environment.

A typical characteristic of a Melbournian's water bottle and sneakers. Although all have drinking water at the tap, the water bottle which everyone has with them. You can also find outlets for fresh squeezed juice on most street corners in the city. Another thing a melbourne urns can not do without is coffee. Coffee culture is probably imported from Italy.

Some things melbourne pure love about their city's energy, the range of restaurants, funky boutiques, laneways with all the cafes, cool bars, galleries, parks and "small-town look" inner neighborhoods, each with a special character. Melbourne pronounced "Melbenn" the Australian.

In addition to being a cultural capital is also Melbourne a hub for major international sports events. The city has for years hosted the Australian Open, one of the four grand slam tournaments in tennis, and not least, the Formula 1 circus added his opening round at Albert Park Lake in Melbourne in recent years. In close proximity to the city center, we also find Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) who holds position as Australia's main venue for international cricket matches, and can cater for almost 100,000 spectators. It also played several Aussie rules matches. All nine of the 16 teams are based in Melbourne and neighboring areas. AFL season runs from April to September and every game draws somewhere between 20,000 and 90,000 spectators.

Melbourne has the largest tram network with 28 lines and more than 1800 tram stops. The tram serves as a symbol of Melbourne. In 2007-2008, was Australia's second largest airport 24.26 million travelers. It is located at the small suburb of Tullamarine with 6541 inhabitants, 23 km north of Melbourne. The airport was opened in 1960. It is owned and operated by Australia Pacific Airports Corporation Limited. The airport was built in 1970 to replace Essendon Airport, 4.1 mil from Melbourne Airport.
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