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Marshall Islands does not belong to the world's great tourist country, but divers in search of the biggest challenges has long since been spotted on the sparkling tropical island. Marshall Islands is located in the western Pacific Ocean, north of Nauru and Kiribati, east of Micronesia and south of the U.S. territory of Wake Island, which island state otherwise claim. It consists besides bikini of 28 second annular barrier islands (atolls) and five islands, which are isolated from the outside world. Two thirds of the islands ca. 60 000 inhabitants live in Majuro, which is also the country's main island, but also on the island of Ebeye.

On the seabed off Bikini Island, which is one of the 34 Marshall Islands, is the aircraft carrier USS "Saratoga" - the only aircraft carrier in the world you can scuba dive to. "Saratoga" with its 268 meters the world's only dive wreck and one of the many vessels that sank to the bottom when the United States after World War II spent around Bikini Atoll for nuclear tests during Operation Crossroads. The waters off Bikini is bright, warm and quiet, and diving at all is one of the major attractions. However, the Pacific is now on too well from within one of the many dazzling white sand beaches, where coconut palms swaying. In addition to diving are also a variety of other water sports within easy reach - such as sport fishing is a popular recreational activity. With 750,000 square kilometers of the Pacific on the doorstep there is also plenty of room to throw the bait out. If you are lucky - or clever - you can get big tuna, prawns and various types of clams and oysters in a net or hook. A holiday in the Marshall Islands can easily be used to go shopping at some of the many talented artisans who create wonderful and gigantic craft.
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