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Kiribati is spread over 811 square kilometers and is located in the Pacific Ocean, 4000 kilometers southwest of Hawaii. 21 of the islands are inhabited, and the majority of the population lives in the Gilbert Islands. The most unspoiled marine life can be found around the Phoenix Islands. Most of the coral islands situated not more than about six feet above sea level and provides all the ideal conditions for fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving or completely ordinary beach vacation under very unusual beautiful conditions.

Coral islands that make up Kiribati, teeming with life below the sea surface. But a trip here offers many adventures on land. The frigate bird is depicted on the country's flag, and its flight is imitated by the Gilbertese women dance kaimatoa, which is not only a dance, but also a test of strength and storytelling. The women are dressed in colored outfits with a heavy, black grass skirt hem and colorful flowers in her hair. With an introvert blik they dance with outstretched arms while concentrating on the rhythm.

Kiribati gained its independence from Britain in 1979, and the Abenama, the island where Captain Davis planted the Union Jack in 1892, brought together the famous Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson a few years earlier inspiration for new works. He chose their destinations with care and is particularly known as the man behind the all-time great pirate tale, "Treasure Island". A holiday in Kiribati holds plenty of adventure in itself, and although it may seem as if the islands are isolated from the rest of the world, has on several occasions attracted the planet's attention. Particularly in 2000, when the little Caroline Island, which lies immediately west of the international date line, was the very first place on earth that went into the new millennium, and which was then renamed just The Millennium Island.

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