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Solomon Islands have been inhabited by Melanesian people for thousands of years, and although they, like most of the neighboring islands have been subject to colonial powers and only gained independence in 1978, is the ancient traditions rooted. Money made as often as shells, metal and paper, and one can often see men naked, painted torsos that blows all his lung power in a series of small bamboo canes that make up the ubiquitous pan pipes.

Solomon Islands is located in Melanesia east of Papua New Guinea and north of Vanuatu and consists of nearly one thousand islands, as in all houses over 500 000 inhabitants spread over 28 400 square kilometers. The islands have volcanic origins, and the most important of them is Guadalcanal (with capital Honiara) and Malaita, Florida, New Georgia, Choiseul, Santa Isabel and San Cristobal.

Solomon Islands are rich in tradition bound Melanesian culture that is set in the academic system at the National Museum & Culture Centre in the capital, where among other things you can put into the area's archaeological finds, weapons manufacture and dance traditions. Also the traditional houses can be seen here, as they are in the country's various provinces. A visit here at the museum turns naturally not the experience of being there, but it can provide a good overview before the journey goes on. That tradition is more rooted here than most other places, you will experience when presented for payment as exotic shells and feathers. On Temotu Islands, this particular form of money still in use. Are you looking for a souvenir that can be paid with the Western form of money, you can go on a voyage of discovery in the fine crafts tradition and buy black ebony work, baskets made of pandanu or bags with beautiful, colorful patterns.

Go on a tour of the Pacific island, climb Mount Austin, in addition to providing a sweeping postcard views of Guadalcanal northern coastline is also known to house the huge Japanese peace monument. Also the old theaters of war memorials and as Bloody Ridge, Alligator Creek and Red Beach is interesting acquaintances. Your holiday in Solomon Islands can also punctuated with a trip to Tenaru Falls - an impressive 60 meters high blanket of water falling straight down - and with its palm-lined Bonigi Beach west of Poha. Off the coast of the Solomon Islands is Rokka like birds in the water and hammerhead sharks teeth showing. Between the colorful reefs located wreckage from WWII to the eternal memory of the fierce battles that took place here in Oceania between the Japanese and Americans.
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