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Vanuatu is a country in Oceania, and consists of 83 mountainous islands of volcanic origin primarily. They are approx. 1750 km east of Australia, 500 km northeast of New Caledonia, west of Fiji and south of the Solomon Islands. The land was formerly English and French colony, and was called in colonial New Hebrides, as it was christened by the legendary James Cook. Vanuatu's tropical climate ensures warm weather year-round, and from November to April is the possibility of rain and tropical storms. It has also experienced several earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis that have helped to destroy large areas, including in and around the capital Port Vila on Efate Island, formerly an independent republic known as Franceville. There are still many active volcanoes in the country, and many fear that a powerful burst to frame the islands. Nevertheless, one of the main attractions on your trip to Vanuatu a visit to one of the volcanoes, primarily Yasur. With its 361 meters it is one of the most congested volcanoes in the world and eternally active.

James Cook compared with Yasur volcano Stromboli in Italy when he traveled here in 1774. Already in 1606 a Spanish expedition had been around for Vanuatu, but it was not until the 1700s that Europeans seriously began to show interest in the islands. In 1905 did both England and France claim to the land. First, in 1980, the islands of the Republic of Vanuatu. Despite the fact that Vanuatu is officially a republic, has not completely abandoned the practice of chieftains. In Lamap on Malakula island (the second largest island of Vanuatu with its 2069 square kilometers), one can still witness the distinctive dance naluan mekam. A group of men, mostly not wearing nothing but feathers and body paint, dancing forward curved around in a circle, as if looking for something expensive in the clayey soil. The dance can last for hours and is part of the admission ritual that marks the influential men have taken a step up in strictly managed chieftain hierarchy. The original culture is alive and well in Vanuatu. Only in this island are spoken more than 30 different dialects and rituals and traditions are increasingly influenced by the ancient tribal peoples of the highlands.

Besides volcanoes and record rituals, it is possible to experience exciting cookery holiday in Vanuatu. You meet a lot of different cooking traditions and food can be washed down with kava, a stimulating alcoholic beverage brewed on pepper plants and the only allowable narcotic in the world. There are also great opportunities for an active holiday with both diving and golf. The opportunities for snorkeling is the best around the island with the alluringly named Hideaway Island, which has one of the world's strangest attractions, namely a sub post office. Note also journey to Mele cascade beautiful waterfalls, or relax at Eton Beach.

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