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The municipality consists of Alta, Kviby, Kvalfjord, Hakkstabben, Kongshus, Korsfjorden, Komagfjord, Talvik and Langfjordbotn. The town consists initially of three farms Bossekop with Sami affiliation, Altagård by the seat of governor in Finnmark 1738-1814 and Elvebakken with Finnish or Kven connection. Today Alta constructed with 3 main centers, Bossekop, Elvebakken and Alta Centre.

The Sami spelling of Alta Alta. Executive Committee for the upbringing, education and culture specific 7 September 2005 also show that the Kvenvik be called Covošluovta, Portland - Dálbmeluovta Large Lerresfjord - Stour Liidnavuonna and Bossekop - Bossogohppi.

Alta has both Airport Alta Airport and Port Calls located in central Alta, and is also a road leading to road access from Troms E6 and Finland. Past Calls also Hurtigruten to Alta. Alta airport served by SAS, Norwegian and Wideroee.

Previously held Alta Battalion in Alta. After the defense let down its operation at Altagaard, moved the Home Guard Department HV-17 Alta enter the premises. They were here until 2005 when they moved to the Sami people.

The observatory on Haldde. Observatory Haldé (912 m) was in operation from 1899 to 1900 and from 1912 to 1926. Kristian Birkeland introduced his theory of the Northern Lights secretly bringing about the construction of the observatory at Haldde, Sami sacred mountain. It was driven auroral research and weather observations here. In addition to the observatory was erected a main building with 4 apartments and offices, and at the most there were three families on Haldde.

Mugs Administration in Kaafjorddalen. Copper Works was Europe's first major industry, and was in operation from 1826 to 1878 (the English operating period) and from 1896 to 1909 (the Swedish operation period).
Kåfjorddalen Church. The church in the English village style was built in 1837 and was one of the few buildings in Finnmark was spared when the Germans burned Finnmark during WWII.

Carvings. These carvings are up to 6500 years old and is considered one of Europe's largest field of petroglyphs that are discovered.

Alta Museum. The museum won the 1993 award "Museum" in Europe, and has a rich exhibition of local history that is 10-12000 years old.
Tirpitz Museum. This museum was opened in 2005 and features exhibits and history in connection with the Second World War.

Alta Canyon. Alta River Valley is world famous for its stunning scenery and is Europe's northernmost canyon. Alta River is also known for being one of the world's finest salmon rivers. The river has also Alta dam built in silence.

Struve Geodetic Arc. Northernmost measuring point in the chain.
Midnight Sun. In summer there are 24 hours of sunshine.
Northern Lights (Aurora polaris). In winter it can often be observed aurora.
Dark Age. Throughout the winter it is completely dark.

Ice Hotel. Every winter, around mid-January, opening Alta Recreation and Park's Ice hotel, situated on the banks of the River Alta.

Finnmark Race. Finnmark Race is the world's northernmost sled dog race. The race is held in 2006 for the 26th time. Finnmark race is really two races. One race that is 500 km and running with up to 8 dogs and one run at 1000 km with a maximum of 14 dogs.
Boazo Sami Siida. Visitors will find reindeer herding Sami culture and history and various herding Sami artefacts exhibited in Boazo Sámi Siida.
Popular attractions

  #1 Nordlyskatedralen

  #2 Tirpitz Museum

  #3 Rock art of Alta

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