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North Korea or officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, occupying the northern half of the Korean Peninsula in eastern Asia. North Korea borders against South Korea in the south and towards China and Russia in the north.

North Korea following Kim Il-sung political philosophy, Juche (self-sufficiency), and since the 1990s also Kim Jung-ils own songun policy (military first). Official held election and according to the constitution respected human rights, despite that they in fact have no bearing on the country's leaders. The political power is, however, located in Korea's Workers' Party. Between 150 000 and 200 000 North Koreans sit in the country's concentration camps where political prisoners and their family in three stages imprisoned and put to forced labor, even for the most modest system critical expression. The country is trying to be self-sufficient, but has had major problems since the support from the Soviet Union ceased in the early 1990s. Agricultural production does not cover the country's needs for food, which has led to famine in several places in the country. Corruption is widespread.

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