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The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. Other major cities: Karachi, Lahore, Quetta and Peshawar. The highest mountain is K2 at 8611 meters above sea level This is also the world's second highest mountain. Pakistan has a population of 164 million, of which 95% is represented by Muslims. The national language is Urdu, while English is the official language. Pakistan has a total area is 803,940 square kilometers, slightly larger than France and Britain combined.

Pakistan is in South Asia and is sometimes considered part of the broader Middle East. In the south, the Arabian Sea that Pakistan has 1046 km of coastline. East of Pakistan is India with a limit of 2912 km. To the west is Iran who share 909 km of the border. To the northwest lies Afghanistan, with 2430 km border. China is located in the northeast with the 523 km limit.

The main water artery in Pakistan's Indus River, which begins in the Himalayas and flows through India before it crosses the border into Pakistan. It flows through all Pakistani provinces except Balutjistan. Several major rivers, connected by the world's largest system of agricultural canals, flows into the Indus before it flows into the Arabian Sea.

Many travel to Pakistan has the world's second highest mountain, the 8610 meter high K2, as measure. But would you rather spend your holiday less oxygen-depleted altitude, can Pakistan offer Buddhist monuments, Hindu temples, Islamic palaces and beautifully decaying Mughal Palace. Any travel to Pakistan should contain one of the following cities: Lahore, the country's cultural and artistic center, Multan, who is the Indian subcontinent oldest existing city with 4000 years of history, or mega city Karachi with exotic bazaars and high-tech electronics stores side by side. In the charming towns ambles men and women dressed in traditional shalwar qamiz - A dress consisting of loose trousers and tunic matching, colorful fabric - around the street stalls that compete to offer the best samosas and tikkaene.

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