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Singapore is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia. The country forms a combined island and the city-state at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, separated from it through Straits of Johor, where it constitutes a natural border with Malaysia. Using Singapore straits and the west end of the Straits of Malacca forms a natural border with Indonesia. Republic of Singapore consists of one main island and 54 islets, of which half are inhabited. The city achieved independence from Britain in 1963.

It has often been argued that Singapore is the cleanest city. The high-tech atmosphere with towering, glass-clad skyscrapers get along with the immaculate streets almost town to look futuristic out. But inside under the smooth surface Finance wonder ancient Chinese, Malay and Indian traditions from feng shui to the grand Hindu parties.

The name Singapore comes from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit literature. "Simha" (or "Singha") means "lion" in the language, and "pura" is "town" in Sanskrit. This adds up to "Lion City". It's a bit strange that Singapore has this meaning. One explanation is this: A legend from the 1100s says that when a prince from Sumatra had come to Singapore, he had seen a black face tiger, which the prince thought was a black lion, thus the name "Lion City".

Many travel to Singapore begins as a stopover, Singapore is a hub for air traffic in much of Asia. But it is much more than pastime between two flights to get by on a trip to Singapore. In the Muslim Quarter can get a great deal of silk, sarong and rose water. In Chinatown you get an insight into Singapore's past among temples, richly ornamented houses and a perpetual activity of traders. Here are the remains of shops selling incense for temple visits. More modern shopping can be done on Orchard Road with its shopping centers and fine restaurants are the wealthy tourists' paradise.

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