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The United Republic of Tanzania is a country on the east coast of Africa. It is bordered by Kenya and Uganda to the north, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, and Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to the south. To the east is the Indian Ocean. In 1964, Tanganyika united with Zanzibar to form the United Republic of Tanganyika and Zanzibar, later renamed to the current name.

Tanzania's capital was officially moved from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma in 1996, but many governments offices are still in the old capital.

Serengeti has the largest concentration of big game, not only in Tanzania, but on the whole earth.
At Lake Manyara is no shortage of wildlife. The beautiful sea and swamp area, framed by mahogany trees, acacia, wetlands and hot springs, is particularly famous for its bird life and their treetop adventure lions. But there are also hippos, buffaloes and giraffes.

If you are looking for tough, physical challenges, otherworldly outlook and performance with endless praise potential, Kilimanjaro is the obvious solution.

Off the coast of Tanzania is the small exotic island, Zanzibar, where monsoon winds make for throwing waft around in all corners. On Darajani market in Zanzibar's main town of Stone Town, one can haggle for everything that grows wild around the old slaveøya: nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, cloves and vanilla, but also zanzibar apples, grapes, coconut, mango, passion fruit, and much more.

The island creates, in the same way as the Kenya Coast, a perfect setting for a relaxing and sunny end to a safari trip. Coral reefs, pearl white beaches, Guezza monkeys in Jozani Forest, dolphin tours on the island's southern coast and dramatic stories of slave trader Tippu Tip had more than 10,000 slaves themselves, are all without doubt help to make Zanzibar a dream destination.
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