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Faroe Islands is an archipelago located in the north of Scotland. The islands were formerly part of Norway but has since 1814 been part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Faroe Islands were nevertheless already in 1709 administratively added Zealand staple.

Since 1948, the islands had internal autonomy, with two representatives in the Danish Parliament. Administratively Faroe divided into six pursuits and 34 municipalities. Færøyene are not a member of the EU, despite the fact that Denmark is.

Faroe Islands consists of 18 islands of volcanic origin. The archipelago has 50,000 inhabitants, of which 17,000 live in the capital Tórshavn, named after the Norse god Thor.

The Faroe Islands culture has its roots in the Nordic culture. Faroe Islands were long isolated from major cultural upheavals and movements that swept across Europe. This means that the Faeroese have preserved much of its traditional culture. The Faroese language has its origins in the vestnorrøne language spoken in Norway in the early Middle Ages. It is closely related to Icelandic and the extinct Norn in Shetland and Orkney.
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