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Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic, is a country in southwestern Europe. The country, together with Gibraltar and neighboring Spain and Andorra the Iberian Peninsula, and also has a long coastline facing the Atlantic Ocean. Azores and Madeira archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean belonging also tilPortugal. The capital is Lisbon.

Interest geographic Portugal is a heterogeneous country. Physical geography varies enormously between the different parts of the country, which has helped shape the people, economy and communities. Northern Portugal is a mountainous area with heavy rain, and is characterized by many small farms and vineyards. This is where the nation state Portugal has its origin. In these remote areas, people have a reputation for being hard-working, traditionalist and devout Catholics.

Portugal often face low pressure from the Atlantic Ocean in winter. Low pressure systems generally just roam visited southerly areas, such as Faro and Beja, where it rains often only a few times a week in winter. Winter temperatures along the coast is much like the coast of Spain, but in the mountains it is significantly colder.

In the summer it is usually nice weather, but leads the Atlantic and then with a little moisture over land. Temperatures usually reaches 24-30 º C in the afternoon along the coast, while slightly cooler temperatures in the mountains. The northern areas may get an occasional rain shower in the summer, while it is mainly dry in the south. Temperatures are pleasant in spring and fall, and precipitation remains at a minimum from May to November. Lisbon has a normal annual precipitation of 708 mm and only 17 mm of that in the period from June to August. Porto, located further north on the coast, offers less 1150 mm per year, while Faro only get 521 mm (7 mm from June to August).
Popular Destinations

  #1  Lisbon
  #2  Évora

  #3  Santarém
  #4  Bragança

  #5  Viseu
  #6  Portimão

  #7  Faro
  #8  Cascais

  #9  Setúbal
  #10  Guarda

  #11  Coimbra
  #12  Beja

  #13  Braga
  #14  Viana do Castelo

  #15  Portalegre
  #16  Porto

  #17  Leiria
  #18  Aveiro

  #19  Vila Real
  #20  Castelo Branco

  #21  Tavira
  #22  Lagos

  #23  Sagres
  #24  Albufeira

  #25  Santa Luzia
  #26  Fuseta

Popular attractions

  #1 Belém Tower

  #2 Ponta da Piedade

  #3 Praia Dona Ana

  #4 Palace of Queluz

  #5 Lisbon Zoo

  #6 Rossio Square

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