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Chile is a land of extreme. Here's frigid polar regions, soaring mountains and one of the world's driest deserts. Chile comprises a narrow, over 4000 km long strip of land between the Andes and the Pacific, but the country is only a few places more than 200 km wide. The scenery is very varied and is protected in several national parks with llamas, nandu-ostriches, flamingos, seals and penguins. A dose of good old-fashioned mystery can be found on Easter Island with the giant stone figures 3600 km from the mainland.

The long, narrow borders Chile to Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Andes running through the country and covers about half of the country's width to the east. Chile covers several climatic zones and can be divided into three regions by nature and climate. Northern Chile is one of the world's driest areas. Here is the big, barren Atacama Desert and covers large copper deposits in the earth. The climate here is hot and subtropical. Read more here and see temperatures: Climate and weather Chile. The central part of Chile is a 1,000 km long valley with subtropical climate with winter rainfall. It offers two-thirds of the population of 16 million people, it is cultivated corn, wheat and tobacco, and around Santiago made famous Chilean wine. To the south the climate is cooler. There are large forests, abundant rainfall throughout the year and a small population that lives on sheep breeding and fishing. The very southernmost part of Chile, Tierra del Fuego or Tierra del Fuego, the Antarctic climate and labyrinthine archipelago coastline with fjords, peninsulas and islands. In addition to the small strip of mainland Chile controls the legendary Easter Island and some other small islands in the Pacific. Chileans also makes demands on a relatively large piece of Antarctica, also Argentina and the United Kingdom are interested in.

The main religion in Chile, as in most South American countries, Catholicism. Most Chileans are of mixed European and Native American ancestry. 5 percent are Indians, and most of these are relegated to the country's poorest areas. When the Spaniards began to arrive Chile, the various tribes scattered across the country. To the north lived Aymara and Quechua Indians, who were part of the famous South American high culture and a century before the Europeans' arrival had come to hear the Incas. The Indians of central Chile made persistent resistance to the newcomers conquest, while the tribes of Tierra del Fuego were destroyed almost immediately. Despite the Indians' resistance ended as well as Spanish colonial Chile when Santiago was founded in 1541. The vast country was administered from Lima until 1818, when Irishman Bernardo O'Higgins made Chile a republic with himself in the lead. O'Higgins was thrown out of the Chilean upper class in 1823, and then followed some unrest which was soon defeated, and the class had their way with an ultra-conservative government in the next 100 years. Thus, law and order secured for the ruling class, while the lower classes had to sacrifice their political rights.

Between the two world wars alternated Chile between democratic governments and military coups and elections in 1970, the series of more or less conservative rulers broken. Popular Front of Salvador Allende as frontman won the election and began to introduce socialist reforms. This was neither the upper class, middle class or the United States thrilled, and Allende's reign was a time of strikes, unrest and economic sanctions by the United States. After three years, the country was in a big mess, and the military took power and slaughtered Allende's supporters. Law, order and economy recovered during military rule and General Pinochet, albeit under intense protests from abroad because of their harsh government methods. After 15 years of dictatorship put an option in 1988 Pinochet out of the presidential seat, and Chile has since then been governed by democratically elected presidents. In 2006, South America's first female president elected, namely Chile's Michelle Bachelet.

Traveling in Chile means breathtaking scenery, vibrant cities and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. One of Chile's modern, interesting cities are Santiago with its great location in a broad valley between the snow-capped Andes and the ancient port city of Valparaiso with its colorful colonial houses. Just off Valparaiso is the famous beach area Vina del Mar. The city is also called Ciudad Jardín (Garden City) because of the subtropical vegetation of palm and banana trees.

Nature experiences need not look far for a holiday in Chile. To the north characterize the desert landscape, which is home to include the distinctive Valle de la Luna, Månedalen. Here, future movements in the earth's crust created the most bizarre rock formations, and from the top of the giant sand cliffs one can enjoy an unforgettable sunset. In the Atacama area is a giant salt flat, and also Chax Lagoon, which is the habitat and breeding ground for thousands of pink flamingos. Farther to the south around the city of Puerto Montt is the so-called sjøhøylandet. This is an incredibly beautiful natural area with lots of deep blue lakes surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. One of the finest is the volcanoes Osorno iskledde. The solidifying lava from it has helped to shape all the streams and waterfalls that surround it. The Chilean archipelago at the southern tip of South America can with its many fjords and channels is best experienced from the sea. On board a cruise ship, you can get up close to glaciers, icebergs, ancient forests and the rich animal and bird life.

If you have a good portion mystery of his trip to Chile, one should go far out in the Pacific to the legendary Easter Island. Scientists and explorers have speculated over the years the yellow and blue because of the island's imposing stone supports. The colossal "moai" are around the small island and, more than anything else stood as a symbol of the island's legendary history and culture.
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