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Colombia has a lot to offer both historical, cultural and natural activities. From the snow-capped Andes and lowland tropical rain forests to the sunny Caribbean coast is natural experiences just waiting. The population is a mixture of descendants of Europeans, Africans and Indians. With their own history and culture make these peoples Colombia to a colorful and exciting journey countries.

Colombia is located in the northwest corner of South America and is bordered by Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador. The northern coast facing the Caribbean Sea, the west towards the Pacific. In the western Colombia parts Andes into three smaller mountain ranges stretching from north to south and divides the country into three parts: west slopes, central valley and the east lowlands of the Amazon jungle and the great sumpsavannen Los Llanos. Colombia is home to many different habitats from high alpine areas and volcanoes to cloud forest, mangrove forest, desert and savannah. On the Caribbean coast there are also white sand beaches and coral reefs. With the Colombia also hear the idyllic islands of San Andres and Providencia, located far to the north off Nicaragua's coast.

The coasts and lowlands the climate is hot and tropical. The rainy season lasts from May to November, and squalls coming in short, hectic flush. The rainy season lasts longer in Los Llanos, where only the months between December and March is reasonably dry. The kolombianske Pacific coast is one of the rainiest places in the world. The temperature varies very little in the course of the year, but up in the hills, you can experience temperature differences. In the lower regions the average temperature of 26 degrees, the highest at 15 degrees.

Of Colombia's 43 million inhabitants, the majority Roman Catholic. Just over half are mestizos (of mixed European and Indian descent), and otherwise there are whites, mulattos, blacks and mixtures of blacks and Indians. Only one percent are pure Indians, yet spoken over 200 different indigenous Languages and dialects in addition to the main language of Spanish. The country is rather overcrowded, and the great poverty in rural lures people to the cities. There is, however, not particularly better, and the new settlers must often live in overcrowded shantytowns on the outskirts of the cities.

Traveling to Colombia is among the world around her favorites. This is a pity, because the country has much to offer, and keeps you away from the most desolate and kidnappingsberyktede areas, there should be no problems for security. The capital Bogotá has futuristic architecture, cathedrals from the colonial era, extravagant department stores and small street stalls at every corner. The historic quarter of La Candelaria is Bogota's heart with its many colonial buildings, churches and museums. The city's most beautiful views can be found at the top of the mountain Cerro de Monserrate. A tram ride or an hour ascending hike rewarded with great photo opportunities. The port city of Cartagena on Colombia's north coast is known for its history and its beauty. The old colonial town is packed with churches and fine architecture beads along the cobbled streets.

Do you have more beach idyll at its kolombianske holiday than the Caribbean coasts offer the islands San Andres and Providencia an opportunity. They are located rather far from the east coast of Colombia and Nicaragua are classic tropical islands with beautiful sandy beaches, coral reefs and excellent snorkeling. Remains of ancient Indian cultures can also add color to a trip to Colombia and here's Ciudad Perdida (the "Lost City") is obvious. The Lost City is an ancient india nerby that were between 1000 - and 1300's. It is one of the largest of its kind in all of Latin America with around 150 stone terraces carved into the mountainside. The city lies hidden deep in the jungle between the mountains of the north. No roads lead to it, and the walk to and from the nearest town takes six days, but the destination is worth all the hardships. Several Indian adventure can be experienced at the beautiful Laguna de Guatavita or in the Archaeological Park San Agustín. The first is a lake where the Muisca Indians have sacrificed gold and emeralds to the gods, believed to be the origin of Eldorado myth. In San Agustín are more than 500 statues and gravestones from an old Native American culture that flourished here long before the Spaniards came, scattered over a large area where the Magdalena River flows through the glen.
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