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Ecuador has almost everything a traveler could dream of. Here's the lush jungle, towering peaks, colorful Native American cultures and the totally unique Galapagos Islands. Over the millennia, animals and birds swum or flown to these isolated volcanic islands far out in the Pacific. Here are the all time adapted to the islands' living conditions and developed for specific species not found elsewhere in the world.

Ecuador gets its name from its location on the equator. It is bordered by Colombia to the north and Peru to the south, and the coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Geographically, Ecuador can be divided into three main regions: La Costa (coast), La Sierra (plateau) and El Oriente (jungle). The large coastal plain of the Pacific is a fertile agricultural land covered with fields of rice, corn and wheat, and banana plantations. On the plateau between the mountains cultivated potatoes up to 3600 meters altitude. The ground beneath the rainforest east, oil reserves with bananas provide the largest contribution to Ecuador's export earnings.

A location at the equator is normally synonymous with very slight variations in climate, but Ecuador's varied landscape means many types of weather. On the south coast the climate is cool, and where it rains only in small quantities. On the north coast is warmer, around 30 ° C all year round, resulting in the constant rain throughout 2000 mm per year. In mountainous regions the temperature at 13 ° C on average, while in the valley between the two Andean ridges are the spring and 24 ° C all year round. In the vast jungle area to the east is always hot and rainy. Read more here: Climate and weather Ecuador. Also, wildlife is extremely varied, and continental Ecuador counts of 1600 bird species, 6000 butterfly species and a variety of mammalian and reptilian species. Galapagos' many endemic species (a species that is endemic means that there is no equivalent elsewhere) are not counted.

Traveling in Ecuador can include visits volcano in the Andes, indigenous markets of Otavalo, jungle explorations in El Oriente region, a cruise between the incredible Galapagos Islands - or all at once. The capital Quito was quickly rebuilt by the Spaniards after the Incas had razed it to the ground. The city is located high on Andeshøysletten, retains its Spanish colonial feel and is a good starting point for a trip to Ecuador. The Highlands is also the city with the famous Otavalo Indian market. It sold everything between heaven and earth, and the atmosphere is hectic and colorful among the many Indians arriving from villages throughout the Highlands. Cities plateau is located between tall, beautiful mountains with both active and dead volcanoes. In particular, the Cotopaxi National dramatically with magnificent viewpoints on the ice-covered volcano at 5897 meters. This makes it the world's highest active volcano. An interesting counterpoint to the snow-covered, chilly mountain peaks of the Andes is the hot, wet jungle east of the mountains. Based on a classic jungle lodge surrounded by orchids, coffee bushes and pineapple plants it is possible to explore one of the world's most fascinating natural phenomena, the tropical rainforest. You can also become acquainted with the population - Indians. The jungle is not particularly practical vehicle, and exploration must instead take place on foot or by motorized canoe on the rivers that cross the wet areas. But the litany of Ecuador's best nature does not stop here. It would almost be a shame to vacation in Ecuador without visiting the legendary Galapagos Islands. Islands is best experienced aboard a ship. When you get out to all the small volcanic islands and close to the fur seals, sea lions, pelicans, havleguaner, penguins and of course the famous Galapagos tortoises.
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