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Guyana is South America's unfamiliar country, filled with unspoiled natural treasures. Politically the country is a chaos of enmity between different groups of people, but nature wise it is pure paradise. Enormous waterfalls, dense tropical rain forests and vast grass rugs that almost resembles an exhibition of wildlife species, characterize the country. Road to the guyanske population's heart is through praising the homemade fruit drink their or granting right that cricket is more important than anything else.

Guyana is in the north of South America and is bordered by Venezuela, Brazil and Suriname. Coast facing the Atlantic. The country can be divided into three natural regions: the coastal plain, the interior highlands and the flat areas of savannah and rainforest to the south and west. Along almost the entire coast grows the mangrove forest and the interior highlands are filled with flat top eroding mountains. From them flows the numerous rivers with several large waterfalls down the coast. Guyana's highest point is Mount Roraima at 2810 meters. The majority of Guyana's nature is virgin, as it has done for millennia. It might, therefore, that the wildlife is so rich, and more than 8,000 different plant species thrive magnificently in the guyanske landscapes. Half of them found nowhere else in the world. A small portion is farmland with rice and sugar cultivation, and the capital George Town is the country's only major city. There are very few decent roads, and only 700 km of which are paved.

Extraordinary nature is the theme of many a trip to Guyana, but that does not mean bystemning is impossible to find. The capital Georgetown Caribbean atmosphere, romantic crumbling colonial buildings and busy markets. In the center is one of the world's tallest wooden churches, St. George's Cathedral of 43.5 meters built in the Gothic style in 1892. Georgetown also can display a great restaurant scene. Food is a funny mix of Creole and Indian food, which washed down with plenty of room.

But are you looking for a holiday in the unspoilt nature signs, Guyana is the right place. In the highlands to the west are the Kaieteur Falls, with a majestic force that gives celebrities like Niagara, Victoria and Iguazú fierce competition. A minor deluge of water falls 250 meters down from the steep wooded knolls. Fossens width varies with the season, and it is most beautiful just after a rainy period, when the waters roar extra powerful. Passengers traveling to Guyana's southwestern corner, do not be fooled by Africa-like landscapes when coming to Rupununi savannah-. There is a large grass carpet area filled with termite mounds, wooded hills and scattered villages. The endless steppes are intersected by small rivers with crocodiles, pilrokker and the world's largest water lily, Victoria water lily, with leaves that can grow up to 3 feet in diameter. After those closest African landscapes can be appropriate to take a walk past the Iwokrama rain forest in the middle of the country. The place is like a living laboratory in rainforest conservation and being cared for by native Indians. In Iwokrama lives a huge number of fish and species of bats along with jaguars, crocodiles, anteaters, river turtles and the world's largest freshwater fish, arapaimaen, which can grow up to 5 feet long. Through a long stretch in the reserve is built a walkway 30 meters up in the canopy, so you can see the lush rain forest from a bird's perspective.

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