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Paraguay is the country where the number of jaguars far exceeds the number of travelers. It's natural and historical sites as they have done for centuries without being worn down by flocks of tourists. Here is the real South American wilderness in Gran Chaco, nice city with friendly residents and a carnival every year in January competes with Rio de Janeiro.

Paraguay is a landlocked country in the interior South America. It is bordered by Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina and is a landlocked country with no access to the sea. Paraguay River runs from north to south through the center of the country and divides it into two. The region east of the river is hilly and covered with tropical forests. West of the river lies the vast Chaco region, which is barren lowlands with shrub and grass carpet. The shores of the Paraguay River is swampy and is constantly affected by the floods. Paraguay's varied wildlife including monkeys, tapirs, jaguars, anteaters, crocodiles and an abundance of insects. In the southeastern part of the country down to Argentina's major pampasslette is plenty of meat cattle grazing.

A trip to Paraguay will not be affected by major tourist herds and the rate of interest. Instead, there is ample space to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the Spanish-Indian culture of peace and tranquility. The beautiful capital Asunción is built on hill slopes down toward the Paraguay River. Most of the city's museums and colonial buildings situated along the river bank, where the liquid water and the many orange trees do urge walks almost irresistible. Not far from Asuncion Paraguay is religious center Caacupé, whose large cathedral and the small Virgin Mary statue, which is said to work wonders, the goal of many pilgrimages. South of Caacupé is Ybycui National Park, which contains one of the country's last rainforest areas and is filled with colorful butterflies. If you want to fill their holiday in Paraguay with yet more scenery, the Chaco region to the west is a must. Chaco is a distinctive area with endless sparsely populated plains and scattered Indian villages. The landscape consists either of grassland with scattered trees and small, rippling streams or elongated, flat steppes almost without vegetation. Chaco offers authentic nature experiences are more likely to encounter a puma or jaguar than a man. Cultural heritage is also an opportunity to travel to Paraguay. In the southwestern corner are the country's only site that has gained a place on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites, namely the city of Trinidad. Here the Indians under Jesuit control taught the true faith. The city is now in ruins, and the great cathedral walls and columns are returned without a roof, but the solemn mood intact.
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