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Peru is filled with memories of early Native American cultures, the foundations of Inca and Spanish colonial era. Inca capital of Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and the current Indian cultures of Lake Titicaca can not fail to fascinate. The varied scenery includes dry sandy deserts, snow-capped mountain peaks, cascading rivers and evergreen Amazonian jungle.

Peru is located in western South America to the Pacific coast and bordered by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Andes extends throughout the country and separates the dry, desert-like coast from the humid Amazon jungle. In northern Peru is the country's highest mountain, Huascaran at 6768 m, this sky-high mountains are not alone. Over a distance of 160 km extending over a thousand mountains over 6,000 meters in the air. Many of these volcanoes. In the high mountains, waterfalls, numerous rivers that flow into the jungle region to the east or through the desert-like coast and into the Pacific. The fertile oases around rivers in the otherwise arid coastal area is the country's best agricultural land. Here they grow cotton and sugar cane, while highlands farmland used for corn, beans and pasture for cattle and llamas. Domestic animals in the mountain regions must share space and food with wild llama species guanaco and vicuna, in the rainforest live monkeys, tapirs, armadillos and jaguars, and everywhere is air and water filled with lots of birds and fish.

Peru has three distinct climatic zones associated with the country's three geographic regions. At the coast, summers (from December to April) and dry heat of 25-35 °, while winters are cooler. In the mountains the temperature falls as one moves up. In the summer months you can expect 20-25 ° in the valleys and somewhat cooler at night. The rainy season lasts from December to February, and it often falls short, heavy showers. The jungle in eastern Peru is always hot and humid weather is most likely barranco between April and October. Peru is frequent victim kontinentplatenes racket and experience as well as volcanic eruptions, hundreds of small earthquakes a day, and sometimes severe earthquakes.

A trip to Peru is not required to stick to a single theme. Everything from the buzzing capital of Lima and the living greenhouse Amazon jungle to the ancient Inca capital Cuzco, Machu Picchu is outstanding and the Indians living on Lake Titicaca could pose a vacation in Peru. The vast Lake Titicaca with its 2,800 meters above sea level the world's highest large lake. Small Indian community located on the shores and islands where life is lived as it has been for centuries, even on floating islands made of reeds. Cuzco is an ancient Inca capital and Spanish colonial town in one, and it is with its history, charm and many attractions of the continent's cultural highlights. Here honing Temple of the Sun, inkafestninger, colonial buildings and views of the majestic Andes. In the mountains of southern Peru is Arequipa, which is called the white city, at the foot of the volcano El Misti. Some of the best attractions are the large, old monastery Santa Catalina, the cathedral and the fine colonial houses. At the same time you can over the low roofs, see the cone-shaped, 5822 m high volcano on the horizon. One of the most dramatic natural areas throughout Peru's Colcakløften north of Arequipa .. From the viewpoint of Cruz Del Condor peeks Mon 1100 meters into the deep ravine, turning one head can be seen up to 1700 meters Peregrinofjellets snow-capped peaks. Start your exploration of Peru here: Map Peru. The area is also inhabited by wild vincuna and the giant condor. An absolute must for anyone traveling to Peru's Machu Picchu. This long forgotten Inca city is accessed via a unique train ride through the beautiful Urubambadalen or four-day hike on the famous Inca Trail. Machu Picchu is beautifully situated on a high plateau above the green Urubambaelven, surrounded by mountain peaks with grazing llamas along the mountain sides. When Amazon clouds lie over the green-clad peaks, is at an unreal and adventurous character. Because of Machu Picchu's remote location, it was never found and plundered by the Spaniards.
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