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Small, unknown Suriname is one of South America's most over-rate country. It is very sparsely populated, and the road network is mildly deficient, so it is actually possible to find completely unspoiled nature in Suriname. One of the most special experiences of nature gets on the Atlantic coast, in the months when the giant sea turtles crawl out of the sea to lay eggs. The country's many different peoples and political issues, but also a great culture and strong and delicious food with ingredients from India, Indonesia and Creole cuisine.

The small country of Suriname in northern South America was formerly known as Dutch Guiana. The country is surrounded by Guyana, Brazil and French Guiana, and has a north-facing coast of the Atlantic. Along the coast there is a narrow strip of swamp and mangrove forest. South of this is a slightly wider belt of savannah, which is where most residents live in the country and the capital Paramaribo is located. The southern part of the country is hilly, and the highest point is 1200 meters altitude. This large area is covered by inaccessible tropical virgin forests with rivers as the only transport option. The lack of people in Suriname's interior offers more space for the animals, and if you venture in there, it is likely that one meets howler monkeys, jaguars, pumas, tapirs, capybaras, crocodiles, turtles and giant frogs.

n travel in Suriname offers paradise-like, pristine jungle with animals and colorful birds everywhere. The starting point for many trips to Suriname is the small but vibrant capital Paramaribo, the country's only international airport is located. In Paramaribo overwrapped Dutch forts and colonial buildings in the aroma of Indian food stalls and the sound of African drums. The city center is on the UNESCO World Heritage list because of the great encounter between Dutch architecture and local materials and traditions. A mini version of the country's ethnic diversity within Paramaribo large market by Suriname River. On Maron part of the market sold feathers, bones and plants for medicinal and ceremonial use, and the Asian side have plastic gadgets and foods that can make any enthusiast asia warm your heart. Fish market bursting with fresh fish and lively activity when the fishing boats arrive with fresh supplies.

To holiday in Suriname without exploring the country's beautiful, pristine nature, it would almost be a crime. Fortunately, the country is full of nice nature reserves where all can be experienced. In Brown Berg Nature Reserve south of Paramaribo is the tropical rainforest inhabited by all kinds of monkey and bird species and with a network of excellent trails. Central Suriname Nature Reserve is joined by three smaller reserves and UNESCO natural heritage list because of the diverse rainforest environment. The reserve covers an enormous area and is home to an abundance of wildlife. Of these, almost half only in northeastern South America. Galibi Nature Reserve in the eastern part of Suriname's coastline should be visited between April and August. In these months, sea turtles dragging their large bodies ashore to dig holes with their front paws and lay eggs in the sand. Especially the giant leatherback turtle at up to 2.5 meters in length, is a fascinating sight. The reserve consists of a 13 km long coastal strip and can be accessed via a sailing canoe from the Indian village Albina further up the Maroni river, or a group outing, based in Paramaribo for those who want it more conveniently. Tour operators in the capital may also offer excursions to the impassable jungle to the south. On board a canoe made from a hollowed tree trunk you can sail around the jungle's many rivers, enjoy the overwhelming animal and plant richness and visit the Indian village Palemeu.

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