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Uruguay offers fine sandy beaches, charming colonial cities, succulent steaks and authentic gaucho atmosphere. All of South America's elite flock to the seaside resort of Punta del Este to showcase swimwear, cash and clout, while uruguayanerne playing football in the park or cheer the national football heroes up to the next World Cup. The cows are as meaty as in neighboring Argentina and national law parrillada consists of a sumptuous cocktail of all conceivable forms of grilled meat. This flushed with large amounts of mate - a South American form of tea.

Country Uruguay is named after the river Uruguay, which forms the border with Argentina. The tiny republic's full name, República Oriental del Uruguay, meaning "land east of Uruguay," and then, it is the river in question. Most of the land is low and hilly and almost everywhere covered with lush grasslands, or pampa, as it says on the edges. The 200-kilometer Atlantic coastline is full of fine sand that attracts hordes of bathers from far and near.

Uruguay is famous for its beautiful beaches and the Portuguese old port city Colonia, and most of that vacationing in Uruguay, concentrates on the coast. The beautiful old town full name called Colonia del Sacramento, has with its fine colonial architecture gained a place on the coveted UNESCO World Heritage List. Most buildings are from 1600 - and 1700's, and since the city was a Portuguese colony, is the building in which the style is taken from. The pleasant and bustling capital Montevideo is also part of many trips to Uruguay. The city is known for its charming old town, but also a modern town with interesting architecture. Montevideo was built by the Spaniards as a rebuttal to the Portuguese power base in Colonia, which in turn was built by the Portuguese as a contrast to the Spanish capital Buenos Aires on the other side of the water. If the main ingredients in the journey to Uruguay should be sand, beach and water, there are plenty to choose from. Punta del Diablo is a small fishing, surfing and beach town with small winding streets and beautiful beaches that are not crowded. Punta del Diablo is an alternative and "laid back" version of Punta del Estes international beach and nightlife. The world famous Punta del Este is charming local color relieved of luxury casinos and golf courses, this is the place to be seen with a tanned, well-trained body in the latest beach fashion.

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