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Samoa consists of nine mountainous Pacific islands of volcanic origin located 2900 km northeast of New Zealand. The country occupies the western portion of the 480 km-long archipelago Samoa. Through many years was known as Samoa Western Samoa, but the name was officially changed to Samoa in 1997. After the Second World War and until the country's independence in 1962, Western Samoa a mandate under UN administered by New Zealand.

Samoa's two main islands, Savai'i and Upolu, accounted for more than 99 percent of the country. On Savai'i, one must also look Falealupo Rain Forest Preserve, climb Samoa's highest mountain, Mount Silisili, which is 1800 meters high, and go and explore the Aopo Conservation Area, which offers lava caves and coastal beautifully framed by mangrove forests, pandanuer and hibisktrær. Samoa is at all a varied country, and the nearly 180,000 residents can frolic in rivers, streams and waterfalls. Wildlife is also abundant, and besides snakes and flying dogs can find a dozen different species of birds and other animals that are not found elsewhere in the world. Both Savai'i and Upolu is almost surrounded by coral reefs, which of course also makes it obvious to dive during your holiday in Samoa. On Upolu, it is worth going to the O Le Pupu-Pue National Park and Togitogiga Scenic Reserve. Close by Papase'ea Sliding Rocks, where a five feet long cut is like a slide into a deep freshwater pool - better than even the most elaborate man-made roller coaster.

A large part of the pleasure of traveling in Samoa consists also in studying samoa holders up close - from chiefs (matais), which controls the tribes and families with a heavy hand in the many small villages, the police officers and taxi drivers, who dresses in lava lava (sarong) to the sport happy as enthusiastically playing cricket and rugby. Between breaks refueled it with protein-rich bread fruit, coconuts and yams, occasionally supplemented with fish or chicken. Eat not up, you can see the disappointment in the host's eyes when the mat is rolled up.

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