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Bahamas is Americans' closest Caribbean beach paradise and has been American retreat since the 1920s Prohibition, when both gangsters and other thirsty inhabitants had to seek outside U.S. borders to find booze and casinos. Bahama islands sand, water and holiday mood is still a good reason to go there, and you need some time for themselves, there is also the possibility of it. Only 30 of the 3,000 islands and islets are inhabited, and there are good chances to find a lush coral reef or a virgin beach as all the others have not discovered yet.

The Bahamas is an island nation consisting of 29 major islands, 600 small and 2500 tiny reefs located southeast of Florida and north of Cuba. The islands stretching over 1300 km in length and extends only 40-60 meters above the sea surface, as if it consisted of peaks of a sunken mountain scenery. Lille Bahamas offers the 3500 km coastline, and it is not hard to guess what the over one million people annually travel to the Bahamas come.

Islands New Providence and Grand Bahama is the most densely populated and most developed in the island state. The other islands are called "family islands" and offer typical West Indian atmosphere, with calypso music and parties dedicated to the island's main crop, such as a pineapple or coconut party. Some of these so called family islands are uninhabited islets transformed into veritable paradise islands with everything that belongs to the beaches, coconut palms, bars and shops that rent snorkel equipment. One of these islands is the privately owned Great Stirrup Cay. With palmebevokste white beaches and wildlife consisting of sea birds, turtles and neon-colored fish, the small island is a popular destination for many a trip to the Bahamas. The capital Nassau is pedestrian city. It is foreseeable and compact and a strange mix of Caribbean charm and modern American influenced smoothness. Nassau is a lively port area including the famous Straw Market, where you can fill your bags with all sorts of useful and useless objects within straw genre. Right next door is the shop street Bay Street, which is a Slaraffenland of perfumeries and jewelers. The street swirl of life, especially when one of the city's numerous parades and brass bands promenade through it.

The entire Bahamas resembles a huge display of dive sites in the world, but the most distinctive place to jump in the waves wearing a diving mask and oxygen are the so-called Bimini Road off the island of Bimini. Here the huge blocks of limestone on the seabed in a perfect variety that makes them look like a road under the water. Blocks of stone reminiscent of the big rocks that the Incas used to their stunning designs, and conjectures about the Bimini Roads origins ranging from the lost Atlantis to random rocks shaped by sea currents over millions of years. Do you get during their vacation in the Bahamas handle a little nature that is different from the silky sands and warm waves, Lucayan National Park instead. Winding paths lead around the limestone caves are the waters of the world's longest cave system under water, and a system of walkways allow visitors to experience the otherwise inaccessible mangrove swamps.

Bird enthusiasts should take the road past Crooked Island, which can lure the fish eagles, flamingos, hummingbirds, herons and the playful mocking bird, along with a host of butterfly species not found anywhere else on the globe.
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