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Cayman Islands are a paradise for many kinds of people: suit-clad bankers with glowing mobile phones, divers in good used wetsuits and fortunately ordinary travelers looking for a few days of relaxation, cool drinks in the shade of the palm trees and bathing in the sun and water. For example, you can head to the famous Seven Mile Beach, which is sometimes called the world's most beautiful beach - something few visitors may disagree in.

Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory in the western Caribbean Sea between Cuba and Central America. The islands' 262 square miles are divided into the three small islands of Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Cayman Islands are made of coral reefs and rising not very high above sea level. Cutting Top The Bluff, located on Cayman Brac, with its mere 42 yards islands highest point. None of the three flat coral islands, rivers, lakes, or other fresh water resources, so residents may drink water from rain or by desalting seawater. The wildlife in the Cayman Islands resembles those found on other Caribbean islands. Especially for the three Cayman Islands is well to note a couple of special editions of Amazon parrot and a rare blue leguan which can be up to 70 years old and is the Cayman Islands' national symbol. The seas around the islands are filled with sea turtles.

Cayman Islands has 46 000 inhabitants, most living on Grand Cayman and is a good mix of Africans, Europeans and other ethnic groups are mixed and forth. Columbus discovered the Cayman Islands first on his fourth U.S. travel in 1503. Then the islands about 100 years used as a hiding place for pirates and was the favorite destination for the turtle hunters. Finally, they were colonized by the British, who came from Jamaica in the 1600s and controlled Cayman Islands and Jamaica as a single colony. The islands' current status as an independent British overseas territory originates from 1962. The people even chose to remain in the UK, perhaps the way to add a little distance to Jamaica, as the islands had been closely associated with for centuries. Cayman Islands has one of the highest living standards in the Caribbean for good income from tourism and foreign banking business. In fact, several banks and other financial businesses in these small islands than in the entire New York City.

The capital of the Cayman Islands is named George Town is located on Grand Cayman. The city is so full of banks and their financiers that one can almost feel as if you're in Manhattan in the middle of the Caribbean paradise. The architects behind the George Town's buildings have been remarkably fond of steel and glass, but there are also some older buildings from the time as a British colony. Not far from town is the island's oldest building, Pedro St. James Castle in 1780, which has been both prison and Parliament building, which is now converted into a museum. Most people who vacation in the Cayman Islands, adhere to Grand Cayman, where the famous Seven Mile Beach lies and lures with its vast amounts of soft, white sand. Divers believe they have come to heaven when they throw themselves into the Cayman Islands crystal clear water. Here it is not only large, vibrant coral reefs and shoals of colorful tropefisk but also huge sea turtles and nearly vertical cliffs under water, which makes absolutely extraordinary diving experiences. Also snorkelers can have good memories of home, such as from a swim between giant stingrays, which is possible in most places on the islands. Boatswain's Beach is a large marine reserve where turtles breed, and here you can see green sea turtles (also called soup turtles) in all stages of development from newly hatched chicks to 150 kg heavy adult specimens. One can also get a closer look at the fish, sharks and birds in this marine park.
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