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On the narrow isthmus that connects North and South America, is the green paradise of Costa Rica. The nation's coasts facing the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are adorned with long white sandy beaches interrupted by rough cliffs, mangrove swamps and picturesque lagoons. From north to south runner Costa Rica's backbone, a mountain chain of active volcanoes and utslokte surrounded by tropical rainforest. The incredible scenery, rich marine life and the population enjoys quiet life style make Costa Rica the perfect traveling the country.

Costa Rica is a narrow strip of land between Nicaragua and Panama with coasts facing the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. With the exception of the northeastern corner of the country is mountainous with many volcanoes. Some of them are active. Nature in Costa Rica is extremely varied. Here's everything from tropical rainforests, deciduous forests, drylands and mighty swamps of white palm beaches and raging rivers. A large part of the land is set aside for national parks and the great diversity of plants and animal protection. Costa Rica's many animal species include roaring monkeys, spider monkeys, sloths, toucans, over a hundred different species of butterflies and the large sea turtles that lay eggs every spring on the Nicoya Peninsula's beaches. Read more here: Climate and weather Costa Rica.

Almost anyone traveling to Costa Rica, agree that it is one of Latin America's most beautiful countries. The breathtaking scenery and the friendly people enchants all who venture into the jungle-clad mountainous. The capital San José is located on a hill and benefits from mountain areas sustained springlike climate. The atmosphere is warm and vibrant, and the closely surrounding sights include La Sabana Park, Gold Museum, Metropolitan Cathedral, and not least the many different forms of architecture that characterizes the city. Not far from San José awaits nature experiences. Iruzu is with its 3800 meters the highest volcano. It has all four craters, but especially the large main crater with a diameter of over one thousand meters is enchanting, with a lake full of shiny green water. The volcano had its last eruption in 1963.

National parks are a great way to experience the beautiful kostarikanske nature and should be a regular item on any trip to Costa Rica. Braulio Carrillo National Park is located in the highlands between San José and the coast and is called a fog forest. This particular type of rain caused by tropical mountains with low hanging clouds and high humidity. Tortuguero National Park-are best reached by water, and after a wonderful boat ride through the dense rainforest and among roaring monkeys, sloths and toucans in the trees along the river can accommodate at a lodge in the middle of the jungle. This park is also an important breeding ground for soup turtles (green sea turtles) and a variety of other rare sea turtles. A vacation in Costa Rica can be a cultural element in the old town of Cartago, the country's religious center. The city's great church is home to the country's patron saint "la Negrito" and filled with crutches and other auxiliary tools to the memory of the many miracles of the saint's performance. Other popular attractions include the ancient Indian ruins in Ujarras, Orosi-convent built in the colonial style, Orosi Valley with the many hot springs, Arenal Volcano, one of the world's most active, Lankester Garden, where over 800 different orchids fight On the much in love tourists' attention, and of course the many fine beaches.
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