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Dominica is known as "Caribbean naturøy". The little critters, agouti, puttering around looking for nuts on the ground, in the trees discussing green, red and blue parrots world situation, while butterflies as big as palms adhere to the flowering bushes. The forests on top of Dominica's volcanoes shrouded in persistent fog, lakes cook, sulfur vapors are released into the earth with as much determination as the masses waterfalls crashing to the ground. Maybe there's something in that Dominica is the only Caribbean island that Columbus would recognize.

Dominica is positioned roughly in the middle of the range of the Lesser Antilles, which separates the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic. The scenic island is of volcanic origin, and the landscape is characterized by rugged cliffs and lava peaks, with Morne Diablatin at 1447 meters the highest point. Many of the cut sides are covered by either the banana plantations and tropical rainforest with many rare plant, bird and animal species, such as the island's national bird, the green and purple keiseramazonen. The waters around Dominica is full of whales and dolphins and whale watching is a popular occupation among visitors to Dominica.

Dominica's original inhabitants were Arawak Indians, who had to give way to the Caribbean in the 1300s. Columbus landed Sunday 3 november 1493 and named the country after the weekday - Dominica is the Latin word for Sunday, the Lord's day. The exceptionally resilient Carib Indians did Dominica to the last island in the Caribbean which were colonized. French missionaries made an attempt in the 1600s, but gave up and left the island again. The small welcoming Carib Indians still not released from the Europeans. British and French were fairly equally attracted by the island and its beautiful hard-fought bitterly about it until in 1805 the credit was a British colony. The colonists were not exterminated the indigenous population, which otherwise was the case in many other colonies, and to this day is around 3000 Dominica Carib Indians are the only remaining representatives of the original peoples of the Eastern Caribbean. Kariba is located in an area on the west coast of Dominica in the style of the reserves we know from the U.S.. Besides this minority of 3,000 people, most of Dominica's 72,000 residents African slaves as ancestors. The British left Dominica to independence 3 November 1978, that is exactly 485 years after the first Europeans appeared. Two years after the independence of Dominica wrote history by selecting the Caribbean's first female Prime Minister Mary Eugenia Charles, after several years of a corrupt and tyrannical rule. by Charles' departure followed a tumultuous year with very short periods of government, but now Dominica again taken a government-related verdensrekort by having the world's youngest head of state, the 31-year-old Roosevelt Skerrit.

Unlike strip of Caribbean strandomkransede paradise islands surrounding Dominica, there are only few beaches there, and they've even often dark gray sand. Dominica samples therefore good reason to promote itself as an ecotourism destination. So this is not the place if you are looking for reputable seaside resort areas, international hotel chains and classic white sand beaches. The dominikiske coasts, however, characterized by rough cut pages that fall almost vertically into the sea and creates beautiful and very dramatic coastal landscapes. The nature of the island, it is not something wrong with. It gathers the frequent rain in rushing streams with steep waterfalls, such as the 60 meter high Trafalgar Falls. They are located in one of the island's many national parks, namely, Morne Trois Pitons National Park. This beautiful park has passed UNESCO strict entry and gained a place on the World Heritage List. The park is a volcanic area overgrown by lush tropical rainforest with an abundance of plants. A dense tangle of ferns, palm trees, pineapple plants, orchids and old trees with independent roots covering the steep volcanic slopes and surrounding waterfalls, lakes, hot springs and dampspyende cracks.

The park is also home to a boiling lake - with its 60 meters in diameter the second largest in the world after a similar giant in Rotorua, New Zealand - and a swarm of birds and butterflies in bright colors. The lack of sandy beaches does not mean a vacation in Dominica will allow swimsuits stay home. Here goes swimming trips only in a small lake under a waterfall with verdant cliffs and mossy rocks on all sides. One of the most beautiful places of this type endeavors are emerald lake, or Emerald Pool, the Canefield north of the capital Roseau. In addition to completing his trip to Dominica with tours at exceptionally beautiful and far from crowded trails can be convenient fold over diving. There are good opportunities for extraordinary diving experiences between Dominica richly populated coral reefs and steep rock cliffs under water.

While traveling to Dominica offers many outdoor activities, and in this case the treatment of a visit to the capital Roseau. The city resembles with its old wooden and stone houses decorated with carvings and fine tortuous balconies closest to a place that was forgotten for a few centuries ago. Nevertheless, it has everything that belongs to a Caribbean city within the category markets, colonial churches and nice family restaurants with exciting kreolmat on the dining map. Moreover deserve the botanical garden from 1890 a visit.
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