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Island state of Grenada is the Caribbean 'spice islands, where the aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg accompany the image of small sand lagoons, waterfalls and regnskogsomkransede traditional West Indian villages. Grenada is the place to swim under waterfalls, rediscover colonial era in the picturesque capital, gearing down on the island of Carriacou translate or explore a new beach every day.

Grenada is a small group of islands in the Caribbean which consists of the main island of Grenada and islands Carriacou and Petite Martinique, along with a whole plethora of small islands with no permanent residents. Grenada was originally created by volcanic activity, and the landscape is mountainous and rugged with hills rising steeply behind the narrow belt of flat sandy beaches at the coast. Rainforests creeping up the volcano utslokte the pages, occasionally interrupted by a small plantation of fragrant nutmeg trees.

Columbus came to Grenada in 1498, but Carib Indians, who then lived on the islands, got them in peace for European colonists in over a hundred years. First settled in 1650 by a group of French people there, and soon Grenada covered by sugar plantations and the indigenous population replaced by slaves imported from West Africa. The British could not keep my fingers from Grenada lucrative sugar and cocoa production. They took over a hundred years after the French conquest, and kept it until the independence day 7 February 1974. A few years after independence began a short period of Marxist rule, when Prime Minister Maurice Bishop established close ties to Cuba and the Soviet Union. This would not go along with the U.S., and in 1983, the United States along with several other Caribbean States started a military engagement with the slightly aggressive named Operation Urgent Fury ("Operation incandescent rage"), and six days later the grenade Marxist past fling .

A trip to Grenada can conveniently start at Fort George, where you have chance to see a large part of the small country from above before you seriously begin their exploration. From a ridge high above the capital St. George's has the old castle, built in 1705, an unrivaled view of the harbor, the lagoon and the famous Grand Anse Beach to the south. St. George's is one of the Caribbean's most beautiful cities, with pastel-colored houses that extend upward from the horseshoe-shaped and sailboat-filled harbor towards the gently sloping hills.

The most popular beach is Grand Anse south of St. George's, but there are many fine and less well visited beaches, often with a more "native" feel than the beaches in many other Caribbean islands. On a holiday in Grenada must also experience the island's scenic interior. For this purpose, the Grand Etang National Park a really good starting point. The park is situated around beautiful Lake Grand Etang, which fills a utslokt crater of an old volcano. From the lake winds up to a myriad of great trails through the lush rainforest.
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