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A holiday in Guatemala requires almost that devotes some attention to the ancient Mayan Indians. In addition to must-attractions Tikal and Antigua can be exciting ruins of the legendary civilization be seen in Quiriguá, located in a tropical park and has several stelae. A stele is kind of monument with meticulously carved reliefs, and stele in Quiriguá is among the largest known in the Maya Empire - one of them rises 8 feet above the ground and is 3 meters below. Some of Guatemala's most infrequently visited Mayan ruins Yaxchilan, located deep in the rainforest where the Usumacinta river bends. It is an extraordinary experience to og and explore among Yaxchilan large statues of crocodiles and jaguars in the central space between the many moss-covered buildings and pyramids with impressive carvings.

Traveling in Guatemala is synonymous with Indian culture, charming colonial buildings and beautiful, beautiful scenery. The country's most famous attraction is the magnificent Mayan ruin city Tikal, located in El Peténs impassable jungle. Tikal was discovered by chance in 1848, but it is first opened to visitors in the past few decades. In Tikal remains of temples built ca. 700 BC, but most are from classic mayatid, ie, 300-900 AD Even more Native American culture, this time in a fascinating mixture of Spanish colonial history can be experienced in Antigua. Antigua has been the third largest city in Latin America, and 200 years ago, the country's capital and had over 60,000 inhabitants. Today it is a peaceful town, as it is a pleasure to explore. West of Antigua is located on beautiful Lake Atitlan surrounded by volcanoes and forested cliffs. The water in the lake constantly shifting nuance from the darkest green to the brightest turquoise depending on the sun angle and clouds in the sky. Around the lake are several small isolated Indian villages, and it is a wonderful mix of unusual natural beauty and traditional Native American culture. Even more beautiful scenery await in the small town of Rio Dulce in Izabal Lake, not far from the Caribbean coast. The big lake is known for its tropical natural beauty, and a boat trip on the lake through mangrove swamps and tropical rainforests is a wonderful experience.
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