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Haiti overflowing Game vibrant culture taken from almost the entire world, and colorful carnivals and mysterious voodoo culture make the country an extra exotic spice. But crime, kidnapping and political unrest is also a part of everyday life in Haiti.

Haiti occupies the western third of the island Hispaniola, which is part of the Caribbean Major Antilles. The eastern two-thirds is made up of the Dominican Republic. Haiti is one of the larger countries in the Caribbean. Only Cuba and the Dominican Republic are larger. The terrain is mountainous with Chaine de la Selle at 2680 meters the highest point. It is agriculture that employs the vast majority of Haitians and Haitian forests on the hillsides are about to be put away in favor of the rows of sugar, tobacco and coffee plants. But there are still some trees again, especially in the higher mountain areas, where the lush green cloud forest provides a beautiful contrast to the dry, kaktusbevokste desert areas further down the hills. The area Cul-de-Sac in southeastern Haiti is a flat lowland area studded with numerous small and large salt lakes, including the country's largest lake Etang Saumatre.

Haiti and the rest of Hispaniola has the last 5000 years has been inhabited by Native Americans who took the hit from South America in hollowed tree trunks. When Columbus arrived here on his first voyage of discovery in 1492, consisted population of Taino Indian tribe. They could not stand against the conquering Spaniards seekers began to arrive soon after Columbus' discovery of the island and its many gold ownership. After a few decades it was basically not a single Indian left in Haiti. When the gold mines were depleted, the Spaniards built the sugar cane plantations in the Haitian hillsides and imported large amounts of African slaves for the purpose. During the 1700s French pirates began to arrive, and it ended with Spain had to withdraw to the east of the present Dominican Republic and Haiti to leave France. The French were also excited in the sugar plantations and continued to bring slaves from Africa. But Haiti's large and lucrative slave population soon proved to be fatal for the European slave owners. The half-million slaves in the early 1800's work in Haiti, rebelled under the black General Toussaint L'Ouverture management. The fierce battle ended with Haiti was the first Caribbean country that achieved independence from a European colonial power. This has not meant a subsequent party and happy days for Haitians. Today, Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, and its history has almost completely since independence has been marked by political violence, corruption, crime and obsessions, among others Americans. By far the majority of Haiti's population derived from African slaves. The rest are mulattoes or Europeans and constitute the country's upper class along with a small, educated middle class. Catholicism is the official religion of Haiti, but more than half of Haitians voodoo worship next to - or instead of - the Father, the Son and the Holy Virgin.

Sun, sand and water are the key ingredients in many trips to Haiti. One of the world's best beaches, Labadee, on a small peninsula in northern Haiti. Labadee fits with its fine sand, crystal-clear bathing waters and their slender palms perfectly into the notion of a typical tropestrand. The whole beach area is privately owned by the cruise company Royal Caribbean, whose enclosure of the area has provided the opportunity for a Haitian beach experience there is no need to fear for their safety. Exciting city experiences a trip to Haiti also present, although it is probably advisable to exercise extreme caution. In the capital Port-au-Prince teeming multitudes of people around the city's derelict buildings with colorful murals. The preferred means of transport are the colorful taptap buses, decorated with hand painted flowers, animals and old Creole proverb. Once you have had enough of the capital's hectic atmosphere and filled their suitcases with treasures bought the Iron Market, the country's second largest city and former capital of Cap-Haïtien offer elegant French influenced style. "Antilla Paris," which Cap-Haïtien also called, is well located on the sloping cliffs towards Haiti's north coast. Haiti's contribution to UNESCO's prestigious World Heritage list is the dual attraction in northern Haiti, namely Citadel and Palace of Sans Souci. Since this is the first buildings erected by freed African slaves, they are together an important and impressive cultural monument and a symbol of freedom. The imposing citadel on top of a 900 meter high mountain and the huge palace at the foot of the mountain was built just after the slaves had made sure that Haiti won its independence in 1804. Beautiful scenery need a vacation in Haiti does not need to be missing. You can get by Bassins Bleu, which combines soft, green rock formations, waterfalls and the blue-green natural pools that give the place name. According to a legend shall live vannymfer in cliff caves. But then the sound of human footsteps alleged cause them to hide, you can probably not expect nymfeselskap under swim in the fairytale pools.
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