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Honduras is located in Central America, bordering Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. The north-facing coast facing the Caribbean Sea, south facing Honduras a small strip of coast facing the Pacific Ocean. Outside the Caribbean coast is a series of small, tropical island, Islas de la Bahía. A very large part of the country is covered by mountains. Only the two coastal routes and jungle La Mosquitia the northeast lies low over the ocean's surface. La Mosquitia jungle is part of a major UNESCO-protected rainforest area with a vast flora and fauna. The area is sometimes called "Central America's last lung" because it is one of the few remaining tropical rainforest areas in the region. In addition to the wildlife that can give any biology teacher dyspnea, live here around 2000 Indians have preserved their traditional way of life. Read more here: Climate and weather Honduras.

When traveling in Honduras, is motsattrettede want no problem. The sunny, tropical weather can be exploited on Caribbean beaches and islands, while the mountains are cooler climate is ideal for hiking. Here you can also explore the beautiful Mayan ruins of Copán. The city is Honduras' only remaining relic of the Mayan culture, but one of this culture's most important. Not until the 1800s was the ruins discovered and cleared of jungle vegetation, which had taken over the ancient ruins correctly.

It revealed a beautiful castle building and nice public spaces, all of which provide good impression of Maya architecture and its development. Especially the huge stone sculptures of the city's leaders and stelae with intricate carvings are impressive. Copán is naturally on the UNESCO World Heritage list. During a holiday in Honduras, it is almost impossible to stay away from the country's white palmebevokste beaches. The most famous of the Islas de la Bahía, Roatán, is a good place to become acquainted with the tropical island slaraffenliv. The beaches are excellent, and the island's capital, Coxen's Hole is charming with a nice plaza, a few small shops and a bustling harbor, where shrimp and lobsters being pulled ashore from boats. But there is also the possibility of more lively bystemning on a trip to Honduras. Tegucigalpa is the capital and only city with fine colonial buildings, interesting museums and beautiful restaurants, where you can revel in tortillas, fried bananas and grilled meats of all kinds. The city of La Ceiba on the Caribbean coast is pleasant, lively and a good base for excursions to the surrounding national parks and game reserves, with roaring monkeys, sloths and crocodiles.

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