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Rooms, coffee and reggae is not the only Jamaica has to boast of. There are beaches both the battle and undisturbed beaches where bathers in hundreds ensures business and entertainment. There are high mountains, deep gorges which causes rivers and lakes through rain forests and coffee plantations. And then here is an enviable uoppjaget mood - and fortunately the grilled fish and cold Red Stripe beer is always worth waiting for.

Jamaica is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea south of Cuba. Jamaica's area is 10,000 square kilometers. The landscape is characterized by mountains, with narrow, low-lying coastal plains. Blue Mountain Peak at 2256 meters, Jamaica's highest point. Many of the mountains and rocks on Jamaica has been covered in lush forests for centuries. But an extensive deforestation in favor of plantations and agriculture began in the early years of colonial and yet continues, albeit at a slower pace.

A few years after Columbus came to Jamaica in 1494, the island was a Spanish colony. It meant the beginning of the end for the Arawak Indians who had lived on the island for centuries. All that remains today of the original population, the country's name. Jamaica is an old Arawak word meaning "many sources", and you will not go far in Jamaica before you have to give Arawak right. As a replacement for the original population was introduced slaves from Africa, and today almost all Jamaican 2.7 million inhabitants descendants of Africans. Mid-1600's, the Spaniards' turn to be thrown out when a flock Englishmen came to Jamaica with several slaves and a whole lot of sugar, cocoa and coffee plants, which quickly multiplied to large plantations. Jamaica was then subject to the UK until 1962 when it became independent. But the new land was not very old before the problems in the form of international drug trafficking, powerful organized crime networks and an extensive black economy began.

The official language of Jamaica is English, but most speak to daily Jamaican patois - a creole based on English and with some loans from Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi and various African languages. Most of jamaikanerne are Christians, in particular Protestants, but some profess rastafari movement. Rastafari is a religious movement with political undertones that occurred in Jamaica during the worldwide economic crisis of the 1930s. One of the cornerstones of the movement is the struggle of the black rights, and supporters of the rastafari movement - rastaene - perceive themselves as God's chosen people, who have been wrongfully removed from Africa. The longer after the Land of Zion, which are believed to exist in Ethiopia. Rasta The messiah is the former emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie. This fine addition to the title of Emperor Haile Selassie did after the Jamaican freedom fighter Marcus Garvey's statements that a black king would save Africa and Africans from oppression. A rasta can feel the hair - he renounce course combs and scissors and let the hair grow thick, matted dreadlocks - and a love for the colors green, yellow and red, which is obtained from the Ethiopian flag. Important keywords for rastaene is freedom and naturalness, and they try to live their lives according to these regulations, among other things, to stick to a specific diet that bans all artificial additives in food. Body and soul are frequently cleaned by smoking marijuana - or ganja rastafari the language - and the natural "African-ness" is celebrated with reggae music's quiet drum beats and political texts.

Jamaica has an abundance of nice beaches along the 1022 km long coastline. One of the best beaches in the country north Negril striker. The entire 11 km sparkling white sand sloping down slowly in the blue, sheltered and in all ways alluring sea. In addition to the rows of colorful coral reefs close to the shore and sunsets that any visitors to search frantically in purses and pockets for a camera, make a sumptuous variety of water sports and reggae band for entertainment. Also the area Ocho Rios on the north coast has the correct fine beaches. Off the beach is a belt of coral reefs and inland area is surrounded by coconut, sugar cane and fruit plantations. One need not, however, to be content to swim in the warm Caribbean Sea from the beautiful white sand beaches during a holiday in Jamaica. In the Blue Lagoon, one can set their urge to swim in water that can exhibit all the tones from bright turquoise to clear green, depending on weather conditions and sunlight. On his swim in the inviting lagoon are surrounded by lavish tropeplanter on all sides, and it will not damage the delightful experience that the lagoon has been visited by both the film folks from the 1980 film "The Blue Lagoon" and the underwater enthusiast, diver and film man Jacques Costeau .

Even more of Jamaica's outstanding scenery can be experienced in the Blue Mountains. The area around the island's highest point, Blue Mountain Peak, is one of Jamaica's most beautiful. There are swarms of birds that sometimes only occurs here in the Jamaican mountains. Also one of the world's largest butterflies, the Jamaican swallow tail, with a wing on lap full 15 centimeters, can call Blue Mountains for their home. The name of the mountain comes from the bluish mist which almost always envelops the mountains and creates an adventurous mood. In the lower zone grows the world famous Blue Mountains coffee, while the higher slopes are reserved for rainforest with a myriad of different orchid species.

No travel to Jamaica without a solid dosis reggae, and thankfully plays various reggae band often on streets, open spaces, beaches and other places of room for drums, guitar, bass, or a saxophone and of course a singer with the distinctive Jamaican accent. Will stretch back to the source, one should go to the small village of Nine Mile and its Nine Mile Museum, where reggae king Bob Marley was born and 36 years later laid to rest again. In the small museum, where reggaepilegrimer dressed in green, yellow and red accumulates, one can feel the king's greatness in the green, yellow and red painted cottage where he spent his early years. Here you can also find the small stone he put on when he taught himself to play guitar (and, yes, it is quite correct painted in green, yellow and red colors!), And of course marble mausoleum, where Bob's mortal remains lie buried along with the old guitar his
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