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In Mexico, you get experience of a lifetime, whether you prefer culture or nature. Previously ruled the Aztecs around Mexico City, while Maya belonged to the south of the border with Guatemala. Indian culture avløsere, the Spanish colonization has left charming colonial architecture. And then there is of course the nature with its deep gorges, sky-high mountains, lush rain forests, volcanoes, deserts kaktusbevokste and paradisiacal beaches.

Mexico is extroverted, seething, bubbling life with captivating, menneskevrimlende streets, hectic zocalo (central places) and beautiful architectural traces of the past. The city of Oaxaca, the state of the same name, is one such place and is on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage preservation. Besides the colorful facades, squares full of lively, velbesøkte restaurants and coffee shops, as well as hopeful traders who try to sell you everything under the sun, there are also many interesting churches and museums to go exploring in. Oaxaca is located on a plain about. 500 km south of one of the world's metropolises, the capital Mexico City, home to 23 million people (one-fifth of Mexico's population) holds both incredible wealth and inconceivable poverty, architectural gems and slumkvarterer, beautiful green parks and severe air pollution.

A trip to Mexico City is also an excellent starting point for a tour of the Mayan and aztekerkulturene. Not far from Mexico City on a plain at 2000 meters altitude, are namely Teotihuacan, where the two sky-high monuments of the Sun and Moon pyramids stand as monuments to a time when priests sacrificed humans to appease the divine sun. The solar pyramid is the third largest pyramid, and here you have a heady view of pyramids, temples and the surrounding plains and mountains. Experience also Chiapas and Yucatan tropical landscape with mystifying Palenque, where Mayan ruins and statues mix with lush rainforest. Another great Mayan ruin Chichen Itza complex is on the Yucatán Peninsula, dating from the 6th century. There is much to experience in this great North American country that borders the northern United States, south to Guatemala and Belize, on the west by the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. For a closer look at Mexico's geography, see here: Map Mexico.

Under the protective, easily swaying palm roof you can enjoy a liquados (a Mexican milkshake) and enjoy life on the edge of the Pacific, for example. Puerto Vallarta, where in the winter months may also be lucky enough to encounter humpback whales. The most popular resort on Mexico's Pacific coastline from Acapulco, however, where the beaches are amazing and the azure water just beautiful. How has it been since a young Elvis Presley in the early 1960s helped to promote it on film in "Fun in Acapulco". Acapulco actually consists of three areas: Playa Revolcadero close to the airport with the lush tropical lagoon, located north of the Puerto Marquis with its luxurious Acapulco resort and what most consider to be the "real" Acapulco namely Acapulco Bay. It is a natural harbor with luxury hotels, a lively nightlife and plenty of opportunities to eat through the Mexican cuisine, at least the part that contains fish.

Acapulco, however, has been fierce competition that's enjoying life and badenymfenes vacation destination areas of the Caribbean Sea as Cancún, and especially Cozumel - Mexico's only Caribbean island. The beautiful coral reefs surrounding the island are part of the world's second largest coral reef, stretching from Cancún to Honduras - only surpassed by the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The area is the same reason one of the most sought after destinations for divers, and the colorful and fantasipirrende formations have also been praised and approved by master diver and documentary filmmaker Jacques Cousteau. Here there are about 100 dive sites in the absolute world, close to the barrier island of Cozumel. If you have the opportunity to rent a boat and sail slightly away from the coast, the experience is even greater
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