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Note murmur of life in the shade of the volcano on the tiny volcanic island of Ometepe. Be infected by revolutionary mood among passionate murals in the university town of León. Feel the past presence at the Managua lake, where a small group of men and women for 6000 years is clearly reflected in the then soft volcanic mud. Nicaragua has everything, and civil wars and unrest stopped decades ago.

Nicaragua is famous for its history with passionate revolutions against Spanish colonizers and oppressive dictatorships and for its beautiful scenery with picturesque volcanoes and lakes. On a trip to Nicaragua can get right up close both. Masaya Volcano Nicaragua between two large lakes, Managua, Nicaragua, is beautiful and awesome and constantly sending out clouds of steam and dust. The Spaniards thought that the volcano was the entrance to hell, but the environment is approaching rather it paradise, with several crater lakes in the surrounding volcanoes, where you can swim between lavish amounts of plant that enjoys the fertile volcanic soil. Southeast of Masaya volcano, Central America's largest lake, Lake Nicaragua, the world's largest island in a lake, Ometepe Island. It was after two volcanic eruptions in the middle of the lake, and Ometepe is the place to enjoy life at the beach, climb active volcanoes or exploring ancient Indian statues and carvings. Would you rather spend their vacation in Nicaragua to swim in the ocean, you can find the perfect beach paradise on the Islas de Maiz. On these two so-called Corn Islands are relaxed rhythm of life, the water warm and clear, the sand soft and white, and the shade of coconut palms a welcome break from the relentless sun. Traveling to Nicaragua can also concentrate on the country's colonial past. The oldest colonial city of Granada squeezes in between Nicaragua Lake and Volcano Mombacho and is an absolute necessity if you want insight into colonial architecture and want to experience the old world charm with pastel-colored facades and horse carts in the streets. The city of León was founded by the conquistador Francisco Córdoba few months after Granada. The city is Nicaragua's cultural center and breathes history.

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