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Greece is bordered by Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. Mainland Greece consists of the southern part of the Balkans, and the Peloponnese peninsula Greece's two largest cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, is located here In addition, Greece consists of 1425 large and small islands, of which 166 are inhabited.

The island of Crete is not in any archipelago It does not in Cyprus, which is closely related to the Greek sphere of interest, but that is their own country and geographically closer to Turkey.

The climate in Greece is a Mediterranean climate. In northern Greece, winters compared with Nordic winter conditions. It may be cold winter days, and it often happens as the temperature below minus on the thermometer. It is not unusual that there are large amounts of snow in the mountains. This is something that makes this part of the country popular for skiing enthusiasts. It also occurs occasionally snow in the lowlands, but it will only stay for short periods. But most of the country has relatively mild, moist winters and dry, hot summers Average temperatures in Greece during the summer is 28 degrees, but it is often much warmer.

July and August are the so-called "purple month", then it is not unusual that the temperature rises above 40 degrees. It's hot in Greece from April to October and it is at this time that it is most ideal to travel there. The most unstable weather in Greece is in early spring or late fall, then high winds and rain to keep it on for several days.

The Greek cuisine is diverse and has a lot to offer. Greek salad is the most popular salad from Greece. In this it is olives and feta, which is also known in Greece.
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