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Star Restaurants and fast food culture. Luxury Hotels and motels bizarre. Art Temples and rodeo. 88 000 km motorway and dusty, endless prairies. God's Own Country unfolds from Mount McKinley to Death Valley, Manhattan skyline over rugged Rocky Mountains to the coastal resort of Hollywood stars in California. Here's vibrant metropolis that never sleeps, and national parks where you only hear the sound of whinnying bisons. The world's superpower is many things at once and a magnet for the entire planet's peoples. USA is created by the substance of which dreams are made of.

Empire State Building and Chrysler Building shoots up from hundreds of towering office buildings of glass and steel. In Central Park below, walk on roller skates, in Soho and Tribeca handles the art, and at the drag artists and gallery owners home across the Brooklyn Bridge to the new, hip Williamsburg neighborhood. Man has constantly feeling of having been here before, even during the first visit. New York's Manhattan skyline with skyscrapers bulky is reproduced so many times on film, that sometimes can be very difficult to distinguish between fiction and reality. But it is breathtaking when you disappear into the shadows beneath them.

But the United States is of course much more than Wall Street, Chinatown, Little Italy, Times Square, Broadway and The Big Apple. But if the journey to the U.S. East Coast, New York City is a must, like the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, casino and resort of Atlantic City, the White House in Washington DC or surrounding countryside Niagara Falls and National Park Shenandoah.

It is also worth to experience the traditional and very "European" New England - U.S. Northeast corner formed by states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, as well as the prestigious Harvard and Yale. Outside the city of Boston, which is full of book café in the North End and filled the atmosphere of Beacon Hill, one can enjoy an idyllic holiday in the woods, with all the world's species of maple, ash, oak, birch and beech.

To go even further away from America's great cities, you can vacation in the Rocky Mountains and the Wild West with the states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Here you will find living postcard with wide horizons, big rock mountains and stunning national parks, such as. Yellowstone. Not too far away is also præriestatene Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota at Mount Rushmore and the famous monument of the four presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, which is as tall as a six-story buildings. Do not forget Chicago and the Great Lakes. The old gangster the city has transformed itself into an exciting architectural dream city with 443 meters tall Sears Tower, which is still America's tallest skyscraper, and the crown of the impressive skyline. The city is also an exciting and rich musical life.

There are also a lot of music in Seattle, or The Emerald City. The city's beautiful background posed by Olympic Mountains to the west and the 4400 meter high Mount Rainier to the southeast. The city was world famous for the rock music genre grunge in the 1990s, has otherwise very appropriate given its own music museum, as the star architect Frank O. Gehry designed. From Seattle one can travel north to Vancouver in Canada or south along the Pacific coast, such as populated by whales, dolphins and sea lions. Few would miss a vacation in sunny California with exciting San Francisco, glamorous Hollywood and the peculiar Danish town of Solvang. Teams also space for a holiday visit to Joshua Tree National Park, which has been named after the small palm tree that has adapted to the harsh living conditions in the Mojave Desert in California. The park is located on the border between two desert types - on the one hand, the lower and arid Colorado Desert in the south, and on the other hand, the richer and higher Mojave located a little further north. There is also much to see in states like Arizona, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico: From wilderness adventures in the Grand Canyon via neon flickering gambling halls in Las Vegas to Santa Fe exotic.

The southwestern United States offers a unique opportunity to journey into the soul of the indigenous cultures. For example, in the vast Navajo reservation and the many villages of the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico. Or you can make a musical journey to New Orleans jazz hometown, country-music capital of Nashville and Elvis Presley's Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. If you like big Chevrolets, Buicks or topptunede Harley Davidsons, must naturally embark on the legendary Route 66 The route from Chicago to Los Angeles stretches over 3939 kilometers and passes through eight states.
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