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Georgia is a sovereign state in the Caucasus. Georgia is located in southwest Asia on the Black Sea coast, between Turkey and Russia. The country in the Caucasus is a small country with an area of 69 875 km ². In the north and east borders the country to three republics of the Russian Federation, Chechnya, Ingushetia and North Ossetia. In the east borders Georgia to Azerbaijan and south borders Georgia to Armenia and Turkey. Black Sea represents the country's border to the west.
The largest city and capital is Tbilisi with about 1.194 million residents. Official language is Georgian.

Georgia is full of mountains. The border with Russia in the north following the ridge of the mountain range of the Greater Caucasus. The snowy peaks tower above the Black Sea in the west and has numerous outlets and many lower chains. A central ledge called Kartalinian separates these mountains from a parallel range of mountains called the Little Caucasus. With its magnificent peaks and plateaus ranging these mountains into Turkey and Armenia.

Farther east, the river Kura flows past the capital Tbilisi. With its tributaries, the river runs through the south-eastern parts of the country before flowing into Azerbaijan through a series of valleys. Based on the Black Sea coast is swampy plains called Kolkhidaslettene.

The mountains make the country has a varied climate. In winter it is cold with heavy snow, but even colder air from Russia in the north stopped by the Great Caucasus. Mild winds creates a subtropical climate in lowland Kolkhida, while the eastern parts of Georgia has a much drier weather.

Large parts of Georgia are covered by trees. It is mostly birch forest in the mountains, while there is a lot of beech, oak and chestnut in the lower areas. Wildlife is abundant, there are very many species which thrive in the forest, such as deer, deer, bears and wolves. In mountainous areas, there are a lot of mountain goat.

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