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Ireland is a country and a republic on the island of Ireland off the northwestern coast of Europe. Republic covers five sixths of the island and adjacent to Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The island is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west. In the northeast, the island is bounded by the North Channel and Irish Sea to the east In the southeast is St. George's Channel, and in the southwest is the Celtic Sea. The west coast of Ireland consists mostly of rocks, hills and small mountains (the highest point is Carrauntoohil, 1038 meters high). In the middle of Ireland, the terrain is relatively flat. Ireland has a number of rivers Shannon and some large lakes.

The largest city in Ireland's capital Dublin.

Ireland has a maritime climate, and is heavily influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream to the west. The climate is similar to the UK, but has less temperature variations and over 50% more precipitation. Summer temperatures are normally above 30 º C. In winter, temperatures sometimes below freezing, but it is rare that the temperature falls below 6 ÷ º C. The cold from the north or east has generally slowed down on the way across the sea to Ireland, and the coldest ever measured is ÷ 19 º C. In winter there is on average only about one week of snow in total, but some more days at higher altitudes as in the Wicklow Mountains just south of Dublin. Summer is relatively cool with approx. same temperatures as in Scotland and in the northern area, the temperature rarely exceeds 20 º C in summer. However, normal rainfall in Ireland, often as yr In some areas it measured up to 275 rainy days a year.

In January 1999, Ireland changed its currency from the Irish pound to the euro when the euro was launched.

Riverdance and Lord of the Dance is the popular dance show. Ireland is also known for the beer Guinness.

Ireland is known for its traditional music and has won the Eurovision Song Contest seven times.
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