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Republic of Montenegro is a country in southeastern Europe on the Adriatic Sea. Montenegro borders Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia to the north, Kosovo, and Albania to the south. At sea, the country dividing against Italy in the west. The capital Podgorica.

The Council on Friday 16th June 2006 Norway recognized the Republic of Montenegro as an independent state. Montenegro was admitted to the United Nations 192 Member States 28 June 2006. The 11th May 2007 admitted as the 47th member country of the Council of Europe.

Montenegro's coast has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and sunny, warm summers. In winter, however, the cold bora winds bring cold air from Eastern Europe into Montenegro, and one gets cold days.

Just within the coast coastal mountain zone is 50 km wide belt such as includes Cetinje, there is a sub-Mediterranean climate, with colder winters and hotter summers than on the coast. Just within the coast is the Dinaric Alps, and when mild sea air from flowing into the Mediterranean of Montenegro, this area is one of the wettest in Europe. The place Crvice by Orjen the southwest lies at 940 m., With average temperatures of -5 to 0 ° C January to March, 10 ° C in May, 18-20 ° C in June-August, 15 ° C in September, and 0 -5 ° C in November-December. It has also occasionally over 4900 mm rainfall annually, it is virtually rain-free summer, but heavy rains from October to April.

Most of the inland within 60 km has a temperate climate with cold winters and mild summers. In the highest mountains there is snow all year round. Podgorica has a normal rainfall of 1617 mm per year.

Montenegro is a non-religious state with equal rights and status for all religions.
In the cave Mališina in Pljevlja have found the remains of a settlement from the ice age, while Medena Stijena in the same municipality rich finds from the Stone Age.
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  #1  Podgorica

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