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A Coruña is the second largest city in the autonomous community of Galicia in northwestern Spain. The city is also the Centre of the province of the same name. A Coruña is a major port city on the Atlantic Ocean and is the distribution center for agricultural goods from the districts within the city. A Coruña is located on a peninsula. Erosion and ocean currents caused a progressive accumulation of sand, making sure it today has its current dimension.

The city has the Roman Hercules Tower, a guy who has been in continuous operation since the 2. century AD making that it says on the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is surrounded by a large public park with a golf course and a former Muslim cemetery. The city is also known for its distinctive window balconies, called Galerías. Ciudad Vieja is referred to as the oldest part of A Coruña. Here, it was built three harbours, a stronghold known as the old fortress, now transformed into the Garden of San Carlos. The old town of A Coruña has kept the city's history alive with the old streets and squares, with the noble mansions and homes as Rosalia de Castro's House, which is located on Prince Street. Notable buildings are the Royal Galician Academy, the institution dedicated to the study of Galician culture and language, the Romanesque churches of Santiago and Saint Mary, As Barbara's Monastery and the headquarters of the Operational Logistics Force of the Spanish army. In July held Medieval Fair in the streets of the old town.
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