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Kingdom of Norway, is a Nordic country west of the Scandinavian peninsula. Is bordered by Norway to Sweden in the east, Russia and Finland to the northeast, and at sea against Denmark in the south and the United Kingdom in the southwest.

The country is long and narrow, and the coast stretching along the North Atlantic waters that Skagerrak, North Sea, Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea, is home to its famous fjords.

The island of Jan Mayen is administered as part of the mainland bordering the sea to Icelandic waters. Svalbard is under Norwegian sovereignty over the Svalbard Treaty sets, but like Jan Mayen Svalbard are also considered as part of the kingdom. Bouvet Island in Sydatlanteren however, is a Norwegian dependency.

Norway also makes demands on Peter 1.s island in the South Pacific and the territory of Dronning Maud Land in Antarctica, but both of those covered by the Antarctic Treaty, which puts all territorial claims in Antarctica aside. Because of disagreements over the dividing line between Norwegian and Russian territorial waters in the Barents Sea, there is an area that until further administered by both states, the so-called gray zone.

Historical anniversaries and national holiday 17 May is Norway's national day. It was the 17th May 1814 that Norway got its constitution through the National Assembly at Eidsvoll and thus was rebuilt as a free and independent kingdom with a free constitution. Having been part of the Danish autocracy for 400 years, Norway was now an independent state in loose LUnion with Sweden, a union which lasted until 1905. It introduced a limited and hereditary monarchy, by the king would exercise its authority through a government, while Parliament would allocate money and pass laws. The Norwegian constitution was then the most modern and democratic Europe. Norway's National Day is celebrated like no other nation's liberty.

The 17th May is the colorful children's parade with banners, flags and bands - not military parades-which plays the main role. It is the great spring festival in Norway, from the most remote coastal settlements to the capital, where the Royal family greets the cheering children from the palace balcony. Another special feature of 17 May all the wonderful and colorful costumes and disguises as more and more have been used in recent years and that helps to make the day a unique celebration. Especially foreigners think it is a great and unique experience to participate in the Norwegian 17th May celebrations.

The Norwegian costumes began about 100 years ago, when the romantic wavy inland Norway, and is based on folk costumes who was about to go out of use. People became one wanted to preserve that which was of old Norwegian tradition, even the old folk costumes. Bond culture was considered valuable, a typical Norwegian, and it was around the villages they had the most costume material to collect.
In the cities, people had long been influenced by fashion trends from abroad. The first costumes that were used had a clear correlation with the costumes they had knowledge of. Where there was little or no knowledge of ancient costume traditions of one often inspired from some costume parts or other things from the district, painting, wood carving and embroidery. In recent years, interest in Norwegian costumes and disguises been growing in this country. Particularly noticeable is the 17 May, with so many varieties of beautiful stately garments from all over the country.

The cradle of skiing in Norway, the use of ski both a necessity because of geographical conditions and snowy winters. A petroglyph of Nordland, "Red-eye-man", is believed to show that Norwegians skied already 4,000 years ago. In Norse mythology tells heroic prose of skiing and hunting. Telemark going to be "the cradle of skiing" because Sondre Norheim from Morgedal in 1870/80-årene revolutionized skiing and revitalized interest in ski sports. He figured out how to use rigid bindings around the heel, so you could both swing and jump without losing skis. He constructed a ski with inwardly curving sides, "telemark ski," which is the prototype for all future ski.

Thus it was with good reason that Morgedal was designated as the place where the Olympic flame was lit before the Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994. "Skiing is the most national of all the Norwegian sports and a wonderful sport it - deserves a name of sport, it's the truth it," wrote Fridtjof Nansen after he had crossed the Greenland ice sheet from east to west on skis in 1888. Today skiing Norwegians winter sports number one, and everywhere in Norway, there are good skiing.

Pilgrims to Trondheim or Nidaros, Norway's first capital. The saga says that Olaf Tryggvason founded the city at the end of Nidelva in 997 Archaeologists, however, has proven settlement at the mouth Nidelv long before 997 Holy King Olav Haraldsson was buried here in 1030. Over his tomb was built cathedral and the city was in four centuries a place of pilgrimage for pilgrims who came here to seek solace, help and healing. In the summer of 1997, the old pilgrim road to Trondheim and Nidaros Cathedral reopened. Since then, many pilgrims walked towards this ancient pilgrimage.

From 1153 to the Reformation in 1537 was Trondheim Norway archdiocese and spiritual center for an area that included Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Orkney Islands and Isle of Man. Today, Trondheim is a modern city, a knowledge center with a wide-ranging higher education environment, and a research environment that is among the best in Europe. Vikings Between 800 and 1050 AD , the Nordic people really into the European arena. They came suddenly and violently, and frightened the established community that was probably used to war, but not to the surprise tactic Vikings. The Vikings were not only soldiers and sailors.

They also were peaceful farmers and traders. The Vikings came from what is now Denmark, Sweden and Norway. In Oslo you get ample opportunities to familiarize themselves with the Vikings and the time they lived in, not to mention their ocean-going vessels. Several of the magnificent long ships can be seen at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo and in theme park Viking country has tried to recreate a Viking kaupang with all the hustle and bustle that there had to be carried out.
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