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Just like other Caribbean islands Curacao has been subject to various European dominions, was recently the Netherlands as part of the Netherlands Antilles along with St. Maarten, Saba, Sint-Eustatius and Bonaire. After the closure of the Netherlands Antilles on 1 October 2010, was Curacao an independent nation within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This means that the city of Willemstad is now the capital of Curacao, it is also where most of the island's 142,000 inhabitants live. In connection with the fact that the island has changed hands several times also have many different nationalities settled here. Most surprising, perhaps, some of the Jews from the Iberian peninsula settled on Curacao in the 1700s, and that Eastern European Jews emigrated to the island in the wake of 2 World War.
In Curacao is therefore accustomed to diversity and to commit themselves across cultural differences. It is also reflected in the fact that many citizens speak both Dutch, Spanish, English and papiamentu, which is a mixture of Spanish, Portuguese and African and ancient Native American dialects.

Curacao has a tropical climate and its location just 12 degrees north of the equator, the temperature is almost alttid around 27 degrees. While fall is not much rain in Curacao, and these conditions have created a near-perfect climate for hundreds of different cacti, and it's also totally local orkidetyper on the island. In the sea off Curacao is also something to watch for. There are in fact over 50 different types of coral and many tropical fish species. These conditions make Curacao very attractive for divers and other nature enthusiasts from around the world.

Finally, it is Curacao's wonderful beaches which is a whole story in itself. Apparently there are more than 30 excellent beaches on the island. Mon queried the local, they certainly a favorite - but it is not certain that the favorite's guide books. The so-called 'bocas' is in fact often undisturbed and slightly remote to. They do no less exciting to find, so it's just about to ask around.

The island of Curacao is home to the capital of Willemstad as the Dutch leave around a natural harbor. More channels cut through the city and many of these add water to the floating markets. Willemstad's historic center and harbor of UNESCO's World Heritage List for its fine architecture, which is painted in a rainbow of colors and blends local Caribbean architecture with not only uniform but also Spanish and Portuguese style. The capital's two districts, Punda and Otrabanda (= "the other side" in Papiamento) is connected by a swing bridge from the 1800s to construct 16 floating ponton. The beautiful old bridge opened when traffic from the water to go through. Taking an excursion from the capital and out on the lovely island will experience architecture change between plantation owners' magnificent palaces and former slaves simple house. Some of the most beautiful scenery on Curacao are in the island's north coast at Boca Tabla, where ocean meets the shore in the most spectacular way, when the waves knock against the rugged cliffs and creates small caves.
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