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St. Maarten has been inhabited for hundreds of years. Now the island is famous for its beautiful beaches, nightlife and of course the pleasant sea, which includes this little part of the Netherlands - in the Caribbean.

St. Maarten is part of the Eastern Caribbean islands, Anguilla north and Saba and Sint Eustatius mod south. St. Maarten is filled with small lagoons and on the western part of the island is also home to the Caribbean's largest enclosed bays, namely the Simpson Bay Lagoon. The inner part of St. Maarten houses Sic Paradis with its 424 meters is the island's highest mountain. Here you can go hiking in the beautiful scenery and experience the prospect that the guarantee will impress even the most well traveled guest. Despite the beautiful views from the island's interior is mostly the coast that attracts most visitors.

Do you need a counterpoint to the other Caribbean history and scenery as you travel to St. Maarten. Here expecting huge holiday resorts, glitzy shopping malls, casinos, night clubs and restaurants ranging from fast food to gourmet cuisine. The capital of Philipsburg is nice and is a paradise for those who like to stroll around and look at the street stalls and shops. The town museum offers an insight into the island's history with artifacts from the time the island was inhabited by Arawak Indians to the plantation owners came under treatment. And besides, St. Maarten closest packed into lagoons with white and soft sand that ends in the Caribbean Sea turquoise badevannstempererte waves. If you feel like sustained French gastronomy can always take over the border to the French part of the island.
Popular attractions

  #1 Maho Beach

  #2 Red Bay

  #3 Anse Marcel

  #4 Long Bay

  #5 Fort Amsterdam

  #6 Baie de l'Embouch...

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