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Want to know how a steaming active volcano, an abandoned city and half island covered by ash looks, one should travel to Montserrat. At a safe distance from the lava flows, glowing pebbles and thick blankets of ash can experience the power of nature when they are the most ruthless. The island's Irish heritage is another attractive feature, and it is a very special experience to drink Guinness in the middle of the tropics on St. Patrick's Day.

Montserrat is a British overseas territory in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. The island is located between Saint Kitts & Nevis and Guadeloupe, and to the northeast are Antigua and Barbuda. Montserrat occupies 102 square kilometers in the Caribbean and is thus only slightly larger than whales municipality. Soufriere Hills Volcano Group dominates the landscape, and that there is still volcanic activity beneath the lava domes residents gained notice in July 1995. The volcano that had not erupted since the first Irish colonist landed at Montserrat's coast, suddenly began throwing steam and ash over most of the island. The dense ash clouds created 15 minutes total darkness at noon and forced two-thirds of the population to flee the island. Since then, the volcano has ever sent steam, ash and nervousness over the surrounding landscape, and in 1997 became the capital of Plymouth left for fear of the threatening neighbor. It was set up temporary government buildings in Braden in northwestern Montserrat volcano beyond reach. Most of the landscapes of Montserrat is characterized by mountains, east coast consists of bare rocks that fall steeply into the sea, while the west coast bays with sandy beaches of both the snowcapped volcanic and greyish-type.

Columbus came to Montserrat in 1493 on his second voyage to the New World, when the island was inhabited by Arawak and Carib Indians. Columbus gave the small mountainous island named after Montserrat mountain home in Spain. In 1632 came English and Irish colonists to Montserrat from Saint Kitts, and then began a violent activity. Forests were cleared, sugar cane planted and African slaves acquired. As competition increased among sugar producers and prices fell, many of Montserrat sugarcane replaced by lime trees, and the cornerstone of the island's later so famous lime juice industry were laid. Conquering Adventurous French were also attracted by the small island and challenged British rule during the 1700s. But they were unable to cast out the stalwart British and Irish, and Montserrat are today part of the United Kingdom. After the devastating volcanic eruption in 1995 forced a large part of Montserrat's population away from the island, the part now returned. It has got a population of nearly 10,000 people. Most are of mixed Irish and African ancestry. Because of the highly active volcanoes is the island's southern half closed, and only the northern part is habitable.

One should not add holidays to Montserrat if you are looking for fast-paced city life and a packed events calendar. Here's relaxed rhythm of life, and things take the time they take. But if you turn the tempo down a bit, they do not go to either lack experience or picturesque surroundings. Montserrat mango trees, the colorful hibiskene and aromas frangipani flowers are a beautiful background, whether they are struggling shoe soles on the island's hiking trails or charging up on the beach with an exotic drink in one hand and a Guinness in the other. Animal Adventures can get both below and above sea level. Several locations around the island, you can snorkel or dive with mask get access to a vibrant underwater world. The birds are just as colorful as the fish, and if you're really lucky, you will spot the rare black-yellow Montserrat Trupial, the island's national bird. But no Montserrat travel without looking into it that makes it very special, namely the devastating volcano Soufriere. An excellent Volcano Observatory allows visitors wiser on the phenomenon ildspyende mountain, and it is even possible to get a peek into the ancient capital ashes buried masses, from secure viewpoints - that is a kind of modern Pompeii.

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