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Wealthy yacht owners and world stars such as Mick Jagger and David Bowie have long been fans of Saint Vincent and its 30 disciples of mini islands but ordinary tourists have only in recent years have discovered the small paradisiacal islands. With 84 kilometers of coastline and never more than seven miles to the ocean it is obvious that swimming, diving, yachting and everything else with water must be in focus.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a small island state between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, north of Grenada and south of Saint Lucia. The country consists of the island of Saint Vincent, which is about twice as large as Freya, and a whole lot of tiny islands called the Grenadines. All are of volcanic origin, and the landscape is mountainous, with the La Soufriere volcano with 1234 meters the highest point. At the regnskogsbevokste Soufriere help but look beautiful, the residents nearby had hands on several occasions. The volcano is still active and in fact was the latest outbreak in 1979, when a massive ash blanket lay over the northern part of the island, buried plantations of bananas, and coconuts saleprøtter and forced thousands of people from their homes.

When Columbus leave with his ship at Saint Vincent in 1498, he met a local population that consisted of Carib Indians. They had displaced the native Arawak Indians. Kariba was not so happy to visit, let alone put the price on the herds of colonization lustful Europeans who followed Columbus. They managed to provide enough resistance to postpone it after all inevitable colonization to 1719. Half a century before the time was a flock of African slaves who escaped from a wrecked ship and came to Saint Vincent, become completely absorbed in kari benes society. This should not be the Europeans' fate, and soon after the first successful British settlements arose battle for the tiny island between Brits and the French. Finally, the British had luck with it and could write another Caribbean island colonization in its history. The Indian population felt for some reason less aversion to French than English colonizers and made with the French revolt against the English. As punishment Indians were then deported to the Honduran island of Roatan, and new labor in the form of slaves from Somalia and Nigeria were brought across the Atlantic to replace the combative Indians. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines had little autonomy in 1969 and full independence from Britain in 1979. The country has about 100,000 inhabitants. Many African slaves as ancestors, and some of these also have European blood in him. The islands are also a minority of Indians, they are descendants of contract laborers who were brought to the Caribbean when slavery was abolished.

Surprisingly enough, this small archipelago's largest island Saint Vincent-back, without much tourism and with an almost rural atmosphere. The young Grenadines to the south, however popular holiday destinations with all the usual trappings of luxury hotels, gorgeous beaches and shops that rent diving equipment. No traveling to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines will be disappointed, for there is the festival for everyone. Mustique and Palm Island is a luxury haven for the rich and famous. Bequia and Union Island is especially for yacht enthusiasts, and the small uninhabited Tobago Cays offers unspoiled nature with kaktusbevokste cliffs and masses of small bays with powdery white sand. But it would be almost peculiar to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and completely ignore the main island and the capital. Can you live with Saint Vincents bit "raw" character, this island is also worth a visit. The capital Kingstown is foreseeable and should be valued for its unmistakable Caribbean atmosphere, but has also a herd fine buildings from the colonial era, which probably can turn mind a few centuries back. The city's botanical garden is one of the main sights. The garden is the oldest of its kind in the Caribbean and contains ancient trees. Several of them are rare. A visit from the botanical garden's beautiful trees, flowering shrubs and aviaries with colorful parrots can be a nice break from the noise and turmoil Saint Vincent and the Grenadin The small capital after all can offer. At Saint Vincent, it is also obvious that you take a trip to the west coast and explore the pleasant coastal towns, enjoying the beautiful scenery with coconut palms and maybe take a swim from a beach with gray-black volcanic sand.

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