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To this destination courting couples and honeymooners from around the world to enjoy their romantic honeymoon on the white, inviting beaches. Would you like to combine luxury with nature and climate of the Pacific Ocean, Tahiti is probably a safe choice.

French Polynesia is located south of the equator and consists of five archipelagos. The main island is called Tahiti Pacific's navel, but the Polynesian culture is probably more present in Morea, Bora Bora and Huahine. It was on one of the islands in French Polynesia that Thor Heyerdahl country marches on with Kon Tiki from Peru. Tahiti has a diverse and unique environment of fishes, corals and molluscs under the ocean's surface. The many beautiful lagoons offers great conditions for diving and provides an excellent opportunity to explore this exciting diversity.

Traditional dancing, singing, arts and crafts traditions and people walking on hot coals, are just some of what you can experience in French Polynesia. Here you will find natural conditions that few other places in the world can boast - beautiful beaches, lagoons and tropical rainforest with volcanic mountains and a vibrant life underwater. But most of all, French Polynesia actual sydhavsdrømmen, with lagoons, lazy days and lovely sunshine. The people here all the time. Stress is virtually unknown, or at worst self-inflicted. French Polynesia lives up to the old European myth of a tropical paradise.

The climate is tropical with two distinct seasons, and for us Northerners are probably the best time to visit the country during the dry period of the year between May and October. When there is little rainfall, low humidity and temperatures are mild and pleasant.

Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia in the South Pacific. The island is located at 17 ° 40 'South latitude, 149 ° 30' west longitude, or about halfway between Australia and South America.

The capital of Papeete is located on the northwestern coast. The island is about. 45 km at its widest, and covers an area of 1042 km ². Tahiti's highest point, Orohona-top, measuring 2241 m.

Vegetation on the island is rainforest, tropical climate is mild, with a rainy season from November to April. In addition to being the largest island in French Polynesia, it is also the most populated, with approx. 70% of French Polynesia's population.
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