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Bucharest is the capital municipality, cultural, industrial and financial center of Romania. This is the largest city in Romania. With over 2 million inhabitants, Bucharest according to the United Nations Habitat office the town in Eastern Europe that has grown the most since 2000. It is still reasonable to be a tourist in Bucharest, and the city is becoming an international entertainment metropolis of format.
In 2011, the city had 2.1 million foreign tourists. This is more than Athens, Milan, Venice and Rio cent. Revitalization of the old city of Bucharest is the final draw in the Romanian capital.

The natural center of Bucharest's Unit Square - Piata Unireii. The 9 streets going out from this fontèneplassen. Parliament is one of the world's greatest buildings. Just Pentagon and the Royal Palace in Nepal will be greater.

Some of the most visited churches in Bucharest Curtea Veche is Biserica, Biserica Sfantu Gheorghe Nou-and Stavropoleoskirken that UNESCO has declared protected.

Bucharest has evolved to become a shopping town of larger size. Clothes, shoes and crystal are in good quality, also books and cd / tapes. Prices can vary considerably for the same product. The city's department stores are UNIREA SHOPPING CENTRE, pre communist gråkloss which has undergone a complete renovation.

In the summer of Bucharest parks a good diversion from the exhaust and dirty in the main streets. CAROL IN PARK has an eternal flame in the center and knifes rollerskeyting for space with wandering city dwellers. 96 steps lead up to the mausoleum of an old Communist leader Dej.

It has lots of great options for the hungry - in all size and price ranges. Fastfoodbulene and pizzerias are a lot of. Bucharest also has numerous restaurants offering foreign cuisine, especially Italian, French, Chinese and Vietnamese. Guests are perhaps the Romanian option is most interesting. The restaurant LaBastille is voted the best French cuisine by Lonely Planet.

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