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Majuro is the largest city and capital of the Marshall Islands. The downtown area is located north of the airport on the east side of the main island. It consists of the small towns Delap, Uliga and Darrit being linked together by small stretches of land. Robert Louis Stevenson visit Atoll in 1889 and called the Pearl of the Pacific. Today Majuro the most Westernized of the Marshall Islands.

The island can be explored on foot, but there are taxi and it's cheap (except for Laura Beach).

There is only one road in Majuro, but the people are friendly and happy to provide you a ride.

There are many stray dogs and they're unable to attack without provocation, so be wary.

The main tourist attraction is Laura Beach on the western tip of the main island, located about 40km from the city. You may want to use a hire a car there, then taxi to this beach is very expensive.

Eneko Island is a small atoll about 45 minutes away by boat Uliga. Day trips and overnight at the small cabins must be arranged through the Hotel Robert Reimers.

Internet access in Majuro is among the most expensive in the world.
The small Formosa Supermarket has groceries and basic supplies, but closes early.

Tide Table Restaurant as part of Hotel Robert Reimers is a meeting place for locals as well as tourists looking for cheap quality food and Internet access. The restaurant overlooks the square and the lagoon.

Want to experience the night enlivens the Majuro Marshall Islands Club is a local favorite
The Flame Tree is a very popular bar / club (combination).

The Pub and Zero Awa is the late-night dance clubs. They may not open until well after midnight.

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