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Algiers is the capital city of Algeria and the largest city in Algeria. The city lies in a bay on the Mediterranean Sea. The city is the cultural center and hub of transportation and communication, and is characterized by industry. It has numerous institutions, galleries and museums, several universities, as well as several sites, including the 1500 figures Kasbah fortress.

The current city was founded in the year 944 AD Al - Jaza'ir is Arabic for " the islands " and refers to a group of small islands off the town and which is absorbed by the modern port. The coastal city has a history spanning more than three millennia ago. Phoenicians, Romans, Spaniards and, not least, Ottomans and French have all made its mark on the city, society and culture.

Algiers has a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters.

There are many public buildings of interest in Algiers, including the whole Kasbah quarter. Martyrs Square, " Grand" , "New", Ketchaoua Mosques, the Roman Catholic cathedral of Notre Dame d' Afrique, the Bardo Museum, a former Turkish mansion, the old Bibliothèque Nationale d' Alger - a Turkish palace built in 1799-1800 , and the new National Library, built in a style reminiscent of the British Library.

Visit attractions such as Notre Dame d' Afrique which is accessible by a cable car and is one of the city's most outstanding monuments. Monument des Martyrs is an iconic concrete monument commemorating the Algerian war for independence.

About 20 km west of Algiers are seaside resorts as Sidi Fredj, Palm Beach, Douaouda, Zeralda, and the Club of the Pines. Here are the tourist facilities, with Algerian and other restaurants, souvenir shops, supervised beaches, and other amenities. The city is therefore equipped with important hotel complexes, such as the hotel Hilton, El - Aurassi or El Djazair. Algae has the first water park in the country. The tourism of Algiers is growing but is not as developed as did the larger cities in Morocco or Tunisia.

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