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In Sweden there are plenty to choose from. We offer kids attractions where they are pledged his fancy thrills and adventures. Here you will find countless golf courses, nature activities of all kinds and good food. You live well in hotels, country house, camp or cottage and you get a lot of money. On this page you will find all the practical information that can be helpful when that Norwegians are planning to travel to Sweden.

Göta Canal is the major canal system, where arbejde sig 190 km igennem Sweden and connects Vänern with Østersøen.Når you Sejl the channel Oplev you højdeforskelle impressive, as 58 locks gander thee igennem. At that point højeste one is almost 100 m above havoverfladen. Göta Canal was færdiggjort for more than 170 years ago and is considered årtusindets Swedish bygningsværk. And you understand, when you're actually there. It is simply smuk and spændende oplevelse for the besætningen. Channel serviceniveau are top with 18 veludstyrede gæstehavne. Are you wanting to go ashore, there are lots af cafés, restaurants and seværdighed that besøg. All in gåafstand from the channel.

But this right should not be abused. You must not cause injury or damage to the environment or wildlife, and you must show consideration for landowners and others who walk in nature.

You can walk, cycle, ride, ski and reside temporarily in natural areas as long as you do not cause damage to crops, reforestation areas, or other sensitive natural areas. You have to respect your privacy and do not go over or stay on private property. The general rule of public rights in Sweden is not to disturb or destroy.

You are allowed to care for one night in areas that are not cultivated and not located near residential buildings. Ask the landowner for permission if you have a whole group that will care. You are allowed to light fires if conditions dictate that it is secure, but never directly to the mountain, because it can cause permanent damage crack in the rock. When it is forbidden to light a fire, this applies to all types of fire and rule often in national parks and nature reserves.

You can pick flowers, berries and mushrooms, but certain plants, such as orchids, are protected. Special statutory provisions govern what you are allowed to pick the wild. Do not leave garbage. To protect animal and bird life applies to all dogs on a lead in period 1 March to 20 August. The use of snowmobiles is only allowed if it does not cause damage to forests or lands covered with snow.

Children always look more than adults. A dolphin in a cloud, taxes in a pile of pebbles or a slide in a tree that has fallen over. So it's not just amusement parks and zoos which makes Sweden a paradise for children.

The highly varied, fresh and fragrant nature offers plenty of secrets and adventures.

Build cabin in the woods near the little red house you live in, or catch crabs from the pier on Sweden's west coast.
Build sand castles on the beach or sail with boats in the creek. All this seems kids is great fun.

Through the ages, enchanted forests and sparkling lakes evoked images of fairies, spirits and goblins in children and adults.
Nature has been a good starting point for adventure, especially in places like Värmland. Not to forget Smalands mysterious nature, which is probably best described by author Astrid Lindgren, who better than anyone else had the ability to see the world through a child's eyes.

Pippi Longstocking, the strongest girl, and perhaps the kindest, has become part of Swedish folk tradition with Emil in Lønneberga, Ronja the Robber's Daughter, The Brothers Lionheart and many of the characters in her books. Astrid Lindgren's fairy tales have been translated into 75 languages, and the tone she has taken in relation to children (and anyone who has kids once!), Has reverberated around the world. And especially in those who have explored the countryside and forests of Småland.

In Sweden, it is easy to combine nature activities with the whole family and a visit to an adventure park or zoo. In Astrid Lindgren's World in Smaland children can meet characters from her stories.

Visit Santa land (Land Plot) in Dalarna so children can be an early Christmas wishes, and pop into bear park in Gronklitt, Europes largest Bear park.

On the west coast, in Gothenburg, is Liseberg, Scandinavia's largest amusement park. It also Universum, a national science center.
Animal parks with exciting animals from the tropics and the Nordic countries can be found in Skane, on Öland and in Norrköping. In Stockholm is Junibacken, an enchanted house with several of Astrid Lindgren's characters, and the Gröna Lund amusement park on the green island of Djurgården, just to name a few attractions. Not to forget Furuvik Park in Gävle and Jamtli History Land in Östersund.

No matter where you are, there are things to see and do for both adults and young children.
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